Detour Detour Detour - first post


So I have been talking and talking and talking about starting a blog for the last year and it is time. Although I am still working on the background of the actual blog, and choosing fonts and playing with the widgets knowing me if I don't start now, before long it will be 2012 and I will still be without an outlet for all the thoughts in my head. 

There is so much I want to write about. Hong Kong is quite a crazy city. It can be both shallow and empty and inspiring and complex. I have a very psychotic relationship with HK as sometime I really love it and other days I feel like a complete alien. But it's my city I live here (1.5 years) and I want to explore every corner of it. 

About me I love sunsets and warm summer evenings, colours, fashion, music, dancing, books, dinners with friends and long lazy brunches, Art, design and really talented crazy people. I love travelling I love Europe,I am intrigued by Asia and Latin America makes me smile (it's the most passionate continent on the planet) and that's about it. 

So my first inspiration for the blog is Detour 2010 the Art exhibition. If you didn't go 2 weeks ago you missed an amazing opportunity to see the old police head quarters and the prison - one of the last preserved colonial pieces of Hong Kong left in central. 


I heard they have tried to tear it down a couple of times to build a ... yessss another skyscraper, just because there are not enough skyscrapers in central, but ultimately it was decided that the building will be preserved :) 

So welcome to Detour - the barbed wire, the shabby chic of the police head quarters, the loneliness of the prison cells, the charming courtyards all bang in the middle of central. Like a secret world we pass by everyday on the way to work and fail to even acknowledge.

I loved the experience so much I ended up coming to Detour two weekends in a row. There were so many quirky people walking around, I am sure if I was Garance Dore I would have shot 200 amazing photos but I am just learning. 

Top 3 things I loved about Detour
1. The place 
2. The HK people who came to see the exhibition
3. The arts and crafts fair 

The last one deserves it's own post. *TBP :)*

Below are my favourite photos of the place. I didn't have my camera that day so my trusted hipstamatic app did the job. 

Hope you enjoy the photos. I am off for now as it's 6:30 am I am coming down with a flu and due to all the meds I decided to take I cannot sleep so I have been awake since 3 am. 

Barbed wire, the spooky prison cells, old cutlery (loving the vintage coca cola box), and the suspended umbrella


  1. I am glad to read your first post ! Congratulations ! Thanks to it I can have a look at the exhibition I have missed in HK.
    I love the picture with the umbrella ....
    Tania, where did you hide Mary Poppins ;)

  2. haha, your very first post! Nice one Tania :)
    Hope you'll upload some photos from UK as well :P Merry Christmas