I am dreaming of a White Christmas... maybe Not...

As idillic as it sounds -10 degrees + snow and ice + the sunrise at 8:30am somehow make the appeal of Snowy Wintery Europe much less "exciting".

Yet London still remains the design and fashion central.

Multiple art galleries from the Serpentine to the White Cube, endless Art museums, cool restaurants and precious little cafes and bakeries. The quirky shops such as "Lucy in Disguise", St' John Hotel in Soho, Bistroteque, revived Liberty of London (the best place for the most original and pretty gifts), the cosy jazz and blues bars, amazing vintage record shops - they make London a melting pot of ideas and human stories intertwined under one roof.

I Love London for being so eclectic and inspiring but I do not want to live in London. It's too gloomy, dark, overpowering and serious in winter months for it's own good.

I had to overexpose the two shots below to starve off the gloominess :)

Belgium on the other side felt much calmer and serene, more pure and untouched. Although that might have been because we stayed in the countryside and not in the city. 

There is a simplicity and calm about people living outside big cities. They have less frown marks on their  foreheads and they do not wrap themselves into protective cocoons of indifference like the city dwellers. 

I like the colours in Belgium the Flamant (http://www.flamant.com) greys and taupe, the whites, the creams. There is a lack of kitch, lack of bright and screaming colours that you can find in Russia or Germany there is a subdued elegance penetrating the entire fabric of being albeit mainly in the Flemish part of Belgium. 

An ode to the colours of Belgium and the Belgian countryside.... 

Oh and check out the SuperTrash wellies (my new obsession). They are the most flattering rubber boots I have ever seen... YUM!


  1. Great photos Tania, love the pictures of the lake.
    I do think a white background is gonna brighten up your blog.

  2. Beautiful photos! love it doodles ♥