Merry Christmas! :)

The last few days have been pleasantly hectic. Me and booboo (code name for my husband) are in Belgium. We deserted Hong Kong for Christmas to be reunited with the family.

To sum up the last few days:

Part 1: London + crazy shopping + loving Liberty of London + discovering my two new favourite brands Sandro (a French brand from the left bank) and Alex Monroe jewellery + food @ Scotts's and La Petite Maison + worries about the snow and the Eurostar + forgetting my Spanish residence + making it through the border + making it onto the Eurostar!!

Part 2: Ahh Belgium + cold + snow + chocolate + more chocolate +  family + walks in the snow + mommy and daddy :) + even more chocolate ... If I eat any more chocolate I will become a truffle

Coming back to fashion!

This is one of my favourite fashion photos of the trip - My friend, elegant and poised.

These colours are absolutely dreamy they remind me of the Tom Ford movie a Single Man and the Revolutionary Road, mixed with little bit of Mad Men. Imagine late 50's early 60's California, the old movie glamour, rich mustard green and yellows, gold sheen, January Jones or Julianne Moore... the vintage colours that look so now.

I'll post the rest of the trip tomorrow

Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. I love it...there are so many different stories in this shot!

    I want to know what she's reading, what the whole outfit looks like, if her hair is in a braid or a bun, what she's drinking, whats the painting in the background, where is she?? in a cafe or at home?? so many questions.....