Dior pret-a-porter Show Hong Kong Victoria Habour January 28th 2011

As the world "hopes and prays" that the Far East will be the cornerstone of the global recovery, luxury brands everywhere have heard the call and are desperately trying to get closer to their Asian big spenders.

So what do Dior do? Following their show in Shanghai last year they decided that Hong Kong would be another great place on which to focus their annual budget. The outcome  - a spectacular 300 persons seated dinner for the creme de la creme of Hong Kong's fashion scene - with the catwalk conveniently running its way right through the centre of the table, this way, the already skinny Fashion Ladies had a good excuse to ignore the dinner altogether and focus on the legs in front of them.

Location: a marquee on TST pier overlooking the Vegas-like lights of the Hong Kong island.

Unfortunately I couldn't do to the actual show but my spy was there on Friday and managed to send me her sneaky photos before jetting off to Thailand, thank you Mrs. P :)

 Hong Kongers take their Iphone's very seriously - they are pretty much attached to their hands at any time of the day which comes in handy when you need to snap some Dior models strutting their stuff on the catwalk in front of your plate...

Love the white lanterns on top of the table, you can imagine them hanging in some old lighthouse pointing the way to lonely sailors trying to make their way home...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Great work spy :) I would call it a show.
    Tania you're way more a HK blogger than I am... nice :)

    Oh I'm the first one to follow you on bloglovin' yay!


  2. Oh and your blog looks so lovely now :D

  3. Thank you :) ! Cannot believe that last time I saw you I was just starting this ... Cannot wait to hear about the very long holiday

  4. hello;
    im one of the model of the dior show and i looking for some picture durinf the show
    do you have the whole show in picture???


  5. Hi Tania! Style Voyager introduced me to your blog just last night and I just got a chance to look through! I love this post- I had no idea they were doing this in HK. Everything looks so fabulous. I mean I wouldn't mind eating and watching fashion at the same time!


  6. Hey Sam that's so funny I was actually just looking at your blog love the colours and the graphics! Super super nice ...
    Look forward to meeting you :)