Fashion illustration Antonio Lopez and some thoughts on globalization

International and Globalization are two words that we were indoctrinated with whilst at university, the buzz words of the noughties. So tonight I am walking from my French class through Magazine Gap Road from Wanchai. For those not in Hong Kong, the city is either lush tropical rainforest 70% or a concrete jungle 30% - there is no in-between. So as I am walking uphill surrounded by trees, lit up by these mysterious looking lights, I start imagining that I am in an enchanted forest (ok don't laugh - it's been a long day at work) and then guess what bursts my bubble... two Russian guys walking their dog - seriously - now that's what you call the real arrival of globalization. Hong Kong, 10pm, 3 people in the middle of a deserted path and all Russian. Amazing!

Anyway, just had to share that thought/encounter with you.. Now back to inspirations, as I was browsing my favourite online shopping site today (Asos.com - hope my husband is not reading this post) I came across Tina Chow(she deserves her own post) - their muse for 2011, I looked her up straight away and found a reference to the illustrator who discovered her, Antonio Lopez.

I am obsessed with illustration, I fell in love with illustration when I saw those early Hed Kandi cd covers in 2001 and then it was Julie Verhoeven for Louis Vuitton collection and then James Jean for Prada. Back when I was studying in London I even took some illustration courses at LCF but to be honest I kind of sucked so back to Antonio.

I love everything about the late 70's, Andy Warhol and studio 54, endless parties, decadence without limits, excess like there is no tomorrow, the innocent hippy 60's had given way to drugs, sex and glitter. Julian Moore in boogie nights, Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol still going strong with the Factory and Antonio Lopez and Ruben Toledo illustrating and painting it all.

"I'm always inspired by people. People are what I love."
Antonio Lopez the Picasso of Fashion Illustration

Antonio Lopez (February 11, 1943 – March 17, 1987)  fashion illustrator - work appeared in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Interview and The New York Times.

Born in Utuado, Puerto Rico. He attended the High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. While attending the F.I.T. he began an internship at Women's Wear Daily which led to him leaving school and working at the publication. 

In 1969 he moved to Paris along with Ramos and was an associate of Karl Lagerfeld; he stayed there until the mid-1970s. 

He discovered Jerry Hall and lived with her in Paris at the beginning of her modeling career.  

He worked in a variety of materials, including pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, and Polaroid film, and also pursued jewelry design and conceptual designs (such as window displays for Fiorucci and Studio 54).

Lopez died of complications related to AIDS on March 17, 1987. He was forty-four years old.

P.S. the first two photos are of Lara StoneJavier de MiguelBaptiste Giabiconi acting as the New York icon trio of the 70’s: illustrator Antonio Lopez, art director Juan Ramos, and supermodel Jerry Hall shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself (ooohhh clever Karl) for the September 2010 V67 issue, also known as “The New York Issue”.

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  1. I have an original Antonio Lopez fashion illustration sketch from 1986 that I am willing to sell. It is a pencil drawing on paper properly framed. Probably shortly before his death. You can email me at michaelbuess@yahoo.com