Dreaming in colour Blue, Green and Yellow ...

I have been in party hibernation mode for a few months now. Don't get me wrong I love long dinners with friends with delicious food where there are lots of dishes on the table and everyone just shares, the wine is free flowing, there is a cool playlist in the background, the chatter gets louder, the guests more merry. Then there is the desert time, a cheese board, cakes or maybe some Mochi ice cream. Japanese themed dinners with sake or Western accompanied by wine, as long as you have great company good food and cool music you will have a great time.

Now the hibernation comes in once everyone finishes the dinner and starts deciding what to do afterwards. For the past few months I was always the one happily staying home. Cleaning up a little bit, listening to Adele or Radio Nova (a French radio with the most amazing music selection) while everyone would be going  partying. I think I was just tired of HK clubs, tired of the lack of really good music in the clubs, tired of crowds and really not interested in hangovers.

I found myself this Friday on my terrace at 11pm with a glass of wine and a computer reading blogs and BBC news. I had a flashlight moment and suddenly got an urge to go out, get drunk and see my girlfriends, I wanted to get pushed around in a club, elbow my way to the dance floor, spill a shot on my jeans, dance around silly with my girlfriends and meet some random club inhabitants, have a meaningless conversation or two and dance around a bit more :) I did all of that and that little bit more, in fact I went out not just Friday but also Saturday. As a result I have been a complete bum all day today baking pumpkin chocolate cookies (didn't go too well) taking photos of my new clothes and eating vegan chocolate cakes (from Life cafe).

So it's the photos of the clothes that I want to show you. Having been glued to Vogue.us, Garance Dore and Street Peeper blogs for the full duration of the NY fashion week I have become absolutely obsessed with colour. Now I rarely wear all black, favouring navy blue, and have been known to be a rather colourful person, but in winter as many of us do, I tend to adopt the grey, navy plus more shades of grey palette. So this Saturday I joined a very dear of friend of mine and her lovely sister in ZARA (my favourite  high street store in the world). There I went crazy buying every single colourful top, scarf and skirt I could find. I am a very professional efficient shopper given my very long experience in the field :) It takes me around 20mins to scan the whole store pick out what I like and buy it. (I rarely try things on as I deeply dislike queuing) I also have a short attention spam so shopping more than 30mins bores me.

Below are the results of my Saturday shopping escapade and the Sunday hangover boredom. Hope you like it!!! Let's bring some sunshine into our lives

Happy Sunday

tops, scarves, skirt and the coolest most comfortable boots all ZARA, bag Alex Mulberry (stained well worn and truly loved), Breton striped top CARDIGAN, clutch Bimba & Lola

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