Brzilian Blowdries and Aztec jumpers

I just walked home from my French class and I love it when it rains in the city. Streets get quite, there is a hushed sound of the raindrops falling on the umbrella, and this amazing smell in the air. As Hong Kong is half green jungle and half concrete jungle, when you walk on Old Peak Road where the jungle is more abundant than the concrete with a little bit of imagination you can pretend to be an extra in the movie I am Legend.

Anyways moving from the rain to humidity.

Brazilan blowdry has become the solution to a lot of my problems. To those of you who have not come across this miraculous invention, it is not a crazy alternative to "the Brazilian" in fact it relates to the hair on your head :)

Hair is something most women obsess about on a daily basis. We want it to be longer, thicker, curlier/straighter, have more/less volume. My best friend who is French-Algerian and has this incredible beautiful curly hair, is always stressing about her hair being too puffy while I am always putting my head upside down to try and give my hair some volume. Asian girls want wavy hair while we dream about having their long straight and thick locks.

Hong Kong's humid climate and my European hair really don't get along. In fact I have spent all of the very humid January with a big frizz-halo around my head. Every morning I have walked into the work elevator (where the walls are conveniently mirrored) and played the game of spot the frizz ball. Every single local girl in Hong Kong seems to have this insanely perfect hair: smooth, shiny, free of frizz and there was me, very easy to spot - wearing a reluctant halo. Then, I remembered the keratin super treatment aka the Brazilian blow-dry  I tried in London couple of years ago. I found a hairdresser in Hong Kong, the lovely Louis & Co and I was saved! Saved from playing silly games in the morning elevator, saved from straighteners, I don't even need to use conditioner, just shampoo! Happy days :) 

Moving onto work clothes when the weather gets cold outside and grey (so much for the spring that teased us this weekend) I just want to wear something very cosy, but still fun. 

The other day I came across this Aztec style cardigan from Sandro. Dark blue (check), quirky (check) comfy (check) love the Aztec style print (very Proenza Schouler Fall Winter 2011 – 2012) check check check - est voila!

The pants are my from my first and last black suit my parents got me exactly ten years ago. The day I stop fitting into them I will give up sweets, Matcha lattes, cakes and peanut butter but for now I am ok (just about :) so bring on more of that home made Tiramisu miss P. 

Shoes ZARA, trousers - almost vintage Calvin Klein, clutch Bag Mulberry, cardigan Sandro, belt 3EUR bargain from Stradivarius, shirt Massimo Dutti, the dog is my cutest mini sausage Map and the glasses are by Prism


  1. that bag kills me. so in love with it

  2. Amazing style and pictures Tania !
    I went to Louis & Co salon. I liked the place but what I really enjoyed is this magic chair where you are lying while they are doing your shampoo and massage for half an hour... I miss it so much !!!
    Next time, I will try the Brazilian blow dry. Thanks for the good idea, I will have a total Brazilian look ;)

  3. Pretty! Love those heels!!
    (but why are the photos so over exposed?)

  4. I love the colour of the shoes too :) but they are super uncomfortable
    Exposure wise I quite liked the white and blue contrast so just kept it like that

  5. haha, and thank God now I can read your post titles!!!