Club Monaco, an Iphone, silver hotpants + a Sleeveless Tila Jacket...

Tonight Sybil (my favourite blogget from style voyager) and I popped by the Club Monaco cocktail event. It was one of those events where they give you a glass or two of champagne followed by -10% discount on all your purchases, eh voila, a girl gets tempted into buying the whole shop. I have only discovered Club Monaco when I moved to Hong Kong in 09. A nice  brand, perfect for workwear not too edgy, like a North American cousin of Sandro and Maje but with less leather and lace plus slightly on the expensive side.

Nor Sybil nor myself, had a proper camera or were in a mood to drink champagne, but we decided to try some things on in the changing room and use my Iphone. Having scouted the shop we found lots of nice things but nothing was rather WOW, aside from this amazing sleeveless jacket. I have been looking for something like this for ages. The perfect sleeveless trench - a Spring staple, just right for Hong Kong Spring. I also found a pair of sequin hot pants, a-la Kylie circa 2000's. On a good note they were 2 sizes two big, as nothing is as scary as a tight shiny pair of hotpants on someone who has been forgetting to work out but been eating way too many cakes (c'est moi!)

Apologies for the absolutely terrible quality of the photos, but I had so much fun being stupid in the changing room I just had to share them with you, and at least the official Club Monaco photos are lovely.

Finally Friday tomorrow, it has been such a crappy week, cannot wait for the weekend!

Boots ZARA (as always :) Socks H&M men, shorts, top and jacket Club Monaco

Photos the more blurry ones courtesy of my Iphone, the less blurry nice ones www.clubmonaco.com


  1. Tania i must say I love your blog, every time you post something new im super excited to read it!
    I must say I am waiting with impatience the next time something new is going to come up!!!


    Nathalie W

  2. Thanks hun :) Very Happy you like it xx

  3. lol. You're really quick : P I think that sleeveless-parka/trench thing suits you really well! Go for it!

  4. cannot stop thinking about it - have to buy it tomorrow :)

  5. Yay, you went!! ;)
    I love Club Monaco... pity is I can't wear any normal clothes since I have officially popped out!


  6. I love CM!

    I've been living in Toronto for the past year drooling over CM every single time I walk in. Not sure what I'm going to do when I go back to Perth :(

    Btw - i love your blog too :)


  7. Thank you hun! My office is located in a shopping so I walk by CM every day - such torture! I am so jaleous it must be much cheaper in Canada.

    Your photos are awesome BTW

  8. Love your blog! Always excited to read about your experiences and new discoveries!!! XXXXXXX Brigitte

  9. Loving the pics! How hot are them silver shorts!