Getting casually dressed up! Never leave a girl with a camera by herself

Last Saturday having gotten home from the baby shower I went into a sugar coma post all the home made Tiramisu, banana bread, almond and chocolate cake and not so home made but still yummy vegan chocolate cake. The hubster and friends were out having drinks and reminded that it was Saturday night and food comas were just uncool.

But, instead of joining them straight away I started playing around with my camera and trying on clothes. Never a good one when you are running late and have people waiting for you. I love boys jumpers, at first I used to steal them from the boys and then I started buying them, the blue super thin hoody is my recent find from American Vintage (men). I always love it when the shopkeeper gives you that "deer caught in the head light" look and says: This is for MEN! Nah really?!! and I though it was a girls' jumper hanging in the men's section of the shop. Seriously! 

Having grown up in the South of Spain I am rather partial to black, but do have an obsession with all shades of blue. Here I first paired  a casual grey J Crew top, with my old time favourite Topshop skirt, and then changed into the AV blue hoody, topping it with the perfectly cut Massimo Dutti jacket. Their jackets are just the best and they last for years. (This one is 5 years old)

Anyway I promise my pictures will start being more professional once I find a full time dedicated photographer :) 

More "workwear"coming tomorrow. 

Happy Wednesday! Just  2 days left to the weekend.

Hoody American Vintage, Boots Zara, belt TOPSHOP, socks H&M,  Skirt TOPSHOP, Jacket Massimo Dutti



  1. great colors put together... nice outfit

  2. Thank you very much I really like your street photos! Hong kong needed it's own sartorialist!

  3. Oh you guys are here! haha lovely colours Tania, the blod prints mini skirt's amazing : D

  4. Love the skirt and jacket! Maybe I'll have to make a trip to Massimo Dutti soon. Wonder if the selection in HK is as cool...

  5. Thank you. The one in IFC is pretty good, the one in CWB times square is even better! Unfortunately it's about 20% more expensive than in Europe. They also do very good quality leather jackets.