HK blogging - three ladies one rooftop 3 cameras :)

Last weekend I did a little rooftop get together with two other HK bloggets. Sam from Sam is Home quirky and cute baking loving fashion aficionado and sweet and chic Sybil from the Style Voyager

When we arrived on the rooftop of IFC, we realized that the whole community of HK helpers also decided to go the rooftop as well as a bunch of mainland tourists. Yet, you could spot us three a mile away - as the only girls with the awkward-but-oh-so-fashion midi skirts. (Best part we did not plan this - it was just pure coincidence)

I first met Sybil at Detour 2010 she was wearing an awesome see through lace skirt, I asked her if I could take her photos and she told me that was also a budding blogger, and thought I looked like Gala from Am-LUL, I fell in love. The rest is history...

So our Sunday together was a perfect girly gathering with lots of high-heel rooftop jumping (love it! best workout in the world), photo taking, Sybil's tips on posing ("touch your hair was my favorite") and smoke-free smoking and lots of talking about design and naturally fashion: ASOS, Zara and that beautiful Lou Doillon for Club Monaco campaign, the girl cannot do anything wrong. To end the day we had some tea and did some window shopping. Happy Days :)

Wearing a midi, jumper, shoes ZARA, belt Gucci ($ per wear one of my best buys ever), teal bag PS1 (love at first sight)


  1. love it!! :)

  2. haha your post is hilarious :P I'm already looking forward to our next meetup! Do you know the Select18 shop? Do you want to visit there once?

  3. Oh I had so much fun! We must repeat very soon! Some of the photos are just hilarious
    Select 18? No, where is that? Let's go...

  4. OMG that PS1 is amazing!

    Loving this blog even more.