Just Work: the big dilemma of what to wear to the office? Say no to black suits!

My day job is unfortunately as far removed from fashion or design as can be possible. But I really love getting dressed up and just because I sit in the office for most of the day doesn't mean I have to wear the horrible black suits. 

I think getting dressed for work for women is much more fun than for men - poor boys have little room for manoeuvre, aside from the cut and the material not much can be done to a suit or a tie. For girls, well we have the choice of wearing skirts, dresses, wide legged or skinny suit trouser, cardies and so forth. 

On the really gloomy days I love getting dressed up in the morning, adding a bit of colour, playing with accessories. It's quite warm in Hong Kong at the moment although it's super cloudy and a little polluted (for a change) so today I decided to wear my summary dress. I know it seems that I wear these ZARA boots in every bloody picture, I promise I have other shoes in  my wardrobe but they are almost as comfortable as trainers and if you have ever walked the streets of Hong Kong a girl needs a pair of comfy shoes to brave all the endless stairs and deal with all the walking. 

Dress ZARA, Suit jacket Massimo Dutti, Belt TOPSHOP, shoes ZARA, bag PS1


  1. Красотуля))))) I like))) умничкааа))мне нравится твой блог))Пообещай мне,что обязательно привезешь мне свой bubble tea:)))

  2. This is so cute! I wouldn't imagine you're working as, well, your job :P The dress is so adorable, make more outfit post Tania!

  3. OMG Tania you're commenting! Nice :)

  4. The progress! :) See what happens when we hang out I desert my full-time job and become absorbed in blogging