Leather Workshops, bossa nova and the pure chillaxation

What makes one appreciate a city? How do you fall in love with a place not obviously beautiful? I walk home from work the same way every day: up the escalator from IFC, crossing the hustle and bustle of Soho, chocking on some exhaust pipe fumes on Caine rd, est voila, I am home. Yesterday evening  I took a slightly different way walking up the steep hill of Aberdeen street. On my way I came across a beautiful small art gallery that is holding an exquisitely delicate show of ceramics by a Korean artists, purple black Calla flowers juxtapositioned against the frail white ceramic pots.  I think you fall in love with a city you live in when you discover it's hidden gems and learn to find beauty in the mundane.

Back to the weekend - the weekend involved chilling, jogging, making a big dinner for my friends, sleeping and watching movies. Plus on Saturday I did one of my new favorite things! A Leather making workshop. Yep the usual consumer moi has completed a leather note book cover. (Photo above)


"A handmade leather bags and accessories workshop, FUNGUS WORKSHOP  a partnership between ‘hoiming’ (a leather goods designer brand) and ‘cowrice’ (a lifestyle creative unit).  FUNGUS WORKSHOP is passionate about expressing individual creativity, and uses this workshop to share their leatherwork and attitude towards life with the world." Owned by the two cutest sweetest couples in the world its one of my favourite places in Hong Kong.

(The photos used above courtesy of fungus workshop, the rest of the photos used in the post are mine)

The place is located off a quiet alley way off Caine road. I have always loved leather, the smell of an old well worn leather jacket, the feel of a leather clutch. So having passed by the workshop many times and having fallen in love with custom leather made camera bags and the craftsmanship spirit I signed up to the classes last month.

Nothing is more relaxing than these 2 hours a week.
During the workshop they play bossa nova and Frank Sinatra tunes: it's just you and a piece of leather, you have to steady your mind and get completely absorbed in the process of stitching and cutting, sewing the pieces together. These peaceful moments of creation have become like meditation to me. 

I have signed up to a couple more classes and next on my list is a bright blue envelope clutch :) - you can see the beautiful leather below. 

So next time you are in Hong Kong make sure to drop by the workshop, I promise you will fall in love with it!


  1. I highly agree about finding the hidden gems in a city. It makes a city exciting and special.

    I've been wanting to make a bright blue leather clutch as well! I can't wait to see how yours will turn out :)


  2. Doodles i want one, please make me one!:):) Love the post xx

  3. Haha thank you ladies :) would love to make you all a clutch but given my sewing and stitching pace it might take me 2-3 months! how gorgeous is the colored leather? I am absolutely in love with these colours

  4. hmmm,finally : D Your notebook cover looks... delicious :P Ah so making me want to join :(
    Great work Tania, lovely put together!!

  5. Omg I want to make that envelope bag in the bottom left corner! Hey let's all go some time! I think this would be an awesome experience!

    Btw let's meet up soon! I'm back from Seoul! :D


  6. @ sam Welcome back! Cannot wait to see all your new posts! :) I am actually going to the workshop tomorrow at 12 to start on blue clutch :) if you wanna come!

    @Sybil thank you Hun.

    Guys are you free Tuesday? I am on holiday x

  7. I am already in love! we share passion for leather! I am in love with leather book cover!


  8. Hahaha :) I wanted you to see this post thought you would like it. Should finish the blue clutch this weekend! This leather workshop is amazing it's like a candy store for me!

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