These small Sweet things that make my day ...

Hi Guys apologies for the recent absence, I have been quite sick, Tuesday failed to get any better than Monday and the weather has been really hazy, foggy, moody and humidly crap. Have been super busy at work so promise to put some clothes photos tomorrow, in the meantime some sweets for you. 

Today two things that made my day were: a nice dinner with two of my girlfriends (nothing cheers you up more than some nice girly chit chatter over a roasted chicken foie gras) and some very sweet news. The sweet news - Pierre Herme is coming to Hong Kong (or so I thought...)

Yes "the enfant terrible" of the macarons (or the English way macaroons) is arriving. I was browsing through The Selby, one of my favourite blogs that lets you take a good peak into cool people's homes, studios and offices - a real voyeuristic dream in a website. 

While you must have seen the pop up Laduree store in Joyce (if you haven’t my fellow blogger Sam did a beautiful post about it), Pierre Herme is like an edgier more chic less sweet and more exquisite big brother of Laduree. He doesn’t do sweet and pretty he does amazing taste. Some of his best sellers include: salted caramel; milk chocolate & Earl Grey tea; Ispahan (rose, lychee & raspberry); Magnifique (strawberry & wasabi) and White Truffle with Roasted Hazelnut, yum yum yum!

I still remember my first trip to Paris with my parents it was Spring time in 2000 and we have walked across the Pont Alexandre through the cobbled streets, we got lost as none of us could speak any French and my dad refused to follow the map (men never follow maps do they?) and we came across the Pierre Herme store. My dad has a ridicously sweet tooth: sweets, coffee and cigarettes are his three vices (oh and good shoes). Hahah now you know where I get it from. He always has a bar of dark chocolate in the fridge.


Well, just imagine us in the Pierre Hermes store. We went crazy! Buying all the different flavours and trying one or two and then walking home together in the Spring sun with big grins on our faces. We arrived to the hotel, and sat on the bed opening all the delicate white boxes and then we indulged. I remember tasting the different macaroons amazed at the intricacy of the tastes, marvelling the combinations, savouring every bite, incredible, light and delicate. There is nothing that beats them in my mind. I remember that slightly sweet smell of vanilla and sugar, the smell that takes you far away to the clouds, far away to that sunny spring day in Paris. 

Now you are going to kill me, because as I was about to post this and started looking for the link to the Selby post, SHOCK, HORROR!!!! the post's date said 2008. That means Mr Herme has been planning to come to Hong Kong for 3 years. My heart is now broken, all I can ask for is that if someone goes to Paris anytime soon please use the map below and experience one of these magical macarons for me!!
MR. HERME if you are reading Hong Kong is still waiting for you! Where are you?????