Artisan Vienna Cafes, Creamy Pajamas and Bank Holidays

Due to the skyrocketing rents and a lack of cafe culture, Hong Kong has very very few cool, small cafes that have a character and home made cakes to die for. London, Vienna, NYC , Paris or Sydney think of any international city  - it is the small businesses that define and shape the fabric of that city, it is the small unique places created with love and passion that make that city different that allow you to embark on that exciting journey of discovery.

Last Tuesday I took my favorite Hong Kong blogger girls Sam and Sybil to Sheung Wan to show them my new discovery Cafe Loisl, a new Artisan Viennese Café that  just "soft " opened on Tai On Terrace.  "Soft" opened because they are still waiting for proper furniture and some photographers and art for the walls. However it already really feels like a small piece of Europe when you step into the cafe. The coffee selection is incredible, they sell coconut water, have delicious home made cakes and they even have a huge jar of Mirabell Mozartkugeln chocolates by the till. My most favorite chocolates in the world. Wait for it, the best is that they serve their coffee with a glass of water with a silver spoon, just like in the old Viennese cafes.

 They are looking to expand their selection of home made bakeries and will introduced some artisan sandwiches by the end of May. A great antidote to the generic stale rubbish of Starbucks and Pacific coffee! They even have soya milk! 
I really hope they make it, as we need more places like that in this city of mega shopping malls and big brand names.

Just thinking so what for me makes a perfect cafe?

The people behind it! - They have to be passionate about coffee, tea, cakes and the service. They must have a big smile and have lots of cool stories.
The place - cute, eclectic and quirky. Full of magazines and books to read, with big glass jars full of candy and chocolates. With lots of wood, a black chalk board with daily specials and a long table where everyone can sit down, or alternatively lots of little cosy tables. Another must have constantly forgotten about in Hong Kong is dimmers! Lighting is crucial to the mood of any place
The music - fun but not too loud, indie, chilled house, Ben Harper, Julia & Angus Stone, Bossa  Nova, Jazz?
Homemade cakes! Made with passion. My favorite places in London are the Rose Bakery, Baker & Spice and Melt for chocolate, oh and the cafe in the Liberty of London for their vegan options and teas. In Hong Kong I cannot really think of many places aside from Classified (which is more of a wine and cheese place), Pop Bites on Old Baily street had good charms but was eaten by the expensive rent, Life Cafe is not bad but needs a good wash and lacks a sparkle + urgently needs a new menu. If you have any places that you know please email them to me and if you are in the area make sure to pop by Cafe Loisl to support this little piece of Europe.

 As for the outfit and the photos, the weather was crap and un-summery on Tuesday and I decided to boycott it and pretend that it was summer. I was hoping the weather would listen and get sunnier! Sam is just the best photographer and Sheung Wan is the equivalent of Notting Hill in London 10 years ago: quiet, full of green, low rises, small businesses, by far my favorite place in central and there are lots of great places for photos!

Scarf: Massimo Dutti, Jacket Zara, cropped top H&M, Sunglasses RayBan, pajama Shorts Something Else (an Aussi brand I have recently discovered), Jean-Michel Cazabat espadrilles, Mulberry clutch 

I am on holiday in Sri Lanka now, so much to update you on and so many photos to upload. It's day one and I am absolutely loving to be traveling again, nothing makes me happier than discovering new places! Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!



  1. Gorgeous pictures!Love your look!


  2. Heyo when are you back from Sri Lanka? I'm leaving for Vegas and SF on the Saturday! Hope to catch up with you before I leave too! Love the photos and the post :)


  3. Thank you Alina - Sam is the best photographer ever :)

  4. I found Hong Kong's lack of cafes puzzling. Even the pastry shops I went to had ZERO seating options. Do people just take the pastries and eat them at home? That's befuddling too because houses in HK aren't that spacious either... (if hotel space is a reflection of rent prices...)

  5. @ Kittenmasks yes I know the lack of cafes here really drives me crazy! It's the cost of the rent and also a result of silly laws that do not allow for outdoor space to be used for hygiene reasons! WTF@#!

    @ Twee thanks Hun :) they are a size too small but I bought them on Shopbop and wanted to wear them so much that I didn't exchange them for a bigger size. Now I get huge blisters each time I wear them