The last days of Lanka: Stripes, Monkeys, and 400 year old forts...

The last 3 days in Sri Lanka flew by in a second. We visited a temple dating back to 2nd century B.C, where we saw a 100 year old sacred Buddhist tree with flowers that only blossom for one day, got introduced to the customs of Sinhalese New Year, tried a bunch of oil cakes,  saw super cute monkeys and some fierce water buffaloes, and almost bumped into the Sri Lankan President who was celebrating his birthday in his hometown of Tangalle.  

Next day we left to Galle, the jewel of Galle is the 400 year Dutch fort. We stayed inside the fort at Amangalla which was one of the most enchanting and unique hotels I have ever stayed at. The place felt more like a magical souk somewhere in Morocco than a hotel in South East Asia. My favourite place was the gallery on the second floor, where you could take delicious tea and watch the sunset. Given my obsession with sunsets I could not be happier to watch the heat of the day disappear,  the cool wind coming over the old streets of the fort, the small lights slowly switching on, as calmness set in over the cobbled pathways and the hustle and bustle of the day gave way to the beautiful night.

Instead of waxing lyrically about the place for a couple of pages and I could easily write a lot of pages about this amazing place, I will tell you about my favourite things. The Hotel: the jewel coloured swimming pool, candle lit dinner by the pool, a fat but charming hotel sausage dog, home made strawberry jam, delicious ice - lime tea, chicken avocado sandwich, library/play room full of the best books on architecture, design, history and even the latest Vogue and Grazia :), giant green glass balls in the hotel lobby, the terrace where you could order a vanilla milk shake and a banana cake and sit without a care in the world with one of the fascinating books from the library and just watch the world go by, fresh apples in the room.

As for the actual fort: I loved the sunset on the promenade, the labyrinth of small streets that breathe history, the mix of small shops, quirky art galleries and antique shops, and chic hotels. Quite a large amount of the Fort inhabitants are Muslim, so do try to avoid short outfits (silly moi) when going for the promenade.

P.S. last but not least two people deserve a mention a beautiful and bohemian girl called Mimi who was wearing this stunning scarf and had the most amazing green eyes. I found her in the library/play room and just had to ask if I could take her photo. Having spent 8 years in England deisgning sets for music festivals (so cool!), she is actually thinking of moving to Hong Kong. Oh what a small world! Mimi invited us to a 70's party on the chic Taprobane island, which I am sure would have made for some crazy stories but unfortunately we were flying back that night. 

Olivia the incredible manager of Amagalla is the second person that I must mention. Charming, tall and beautiful, confident yet delicate with lovely long curly hair, she runs the place with the precision of a general, creating an atmosphere that manages to be impeccable and relaxed. 

This is the last Sri Lanka post - thank you for coming with me on this journey! x

{Outfits: Sandals ZARA, leopard print dress H&M, glasses PRISM, bikini Womens' Secret, Playsuit ASOS, leather bracelet HERMES, hat H&M}


  1. awesome photos! The hotel you stayed at sounds amazing. and your dresses look beautiful on you~~~Sick abs!!
    xo Diana

  2. I love your Sri Lanka series, kinda wish you're always traveling :l And do consider becoming a travel photographer :P

  3. @ shashie thanks Hun they are super old and trying to fall apart but I love them so much

    @ Di thank you :) makes me a little sad to look at photos now. Wish I could go back.

    @ SV hahhah I wish that too :) you can send me on trips anytime! Maybe when I retire I can become a travel photographer. Are you around this weekend?