Learning to surrender to the waves and dressing up on holiday

Monday was just a day of relaxing, swimming and reading, while on Tuesday we managed to go surfing at 7 am, followed by shopping for vegetables at the local market,  culminating the day with my first ever cooking lesson. There are so many amazing photos that I will split the posts into two, so please bear with me.

The waves in our coconut grove were huge, beautiful, mighty and they scared me just that little bit. The ocean is a powerful beast, beautiful and calm one day, it tricks you into a feeling of comfort to then surprise you on the next day.

Thank god for Alex being a good swimmer, this week he taught me the most valuable lesson of swimming. He taught me to surrender and just to let the waves take me. People drown when they try and fight the waves, yet nothing is more powerful than the pull of the wave, there is a feeling of a tumble dryer, yet by relaxing and letting the wave take you the next wave actually brings you back onto the shore. A friendly tumble dryer :)

This need to surrender first is stupefying. It's so easy to be in control to be strong, yet fully relaxing and surrendering in front of something much more powerful than you, takes even more effort than fighting it.

Moving onto dressing up, as I spend most of my holiday in a bikini and sarong so I thought it would be nice to actually dress up for dinner.

Skirt Zara, Top Stradivarius, Clutch Bimba & Lola, shoes River Island 


  1. Great look, honey!Love the skirt and the sandals!xoxo

  2. Thank you Hun :) I think we both share a general love of Zara and bright colours x

  3. Tania.... why aren't you updating anymore : (
    I'm waiting here!!

  4. pretty outfit! I love the ones below too~~~ following your blog now :) WOW! where are these photos taken from?! xo Diana

  5. Thank you Di. All photos are from a trip to Sri Lanka x

  6. Great outfit!!


  7. thank you for following me your pics are gorgeous very great outfit ;)