Road to Paradise Day 2, Colombo to Tangalle + Introducing Michael Jackson the albino turtle...

The road to paradise. Waking up in the morning and knowing that you have a week of holiday ahead is what happiness is. On Sunday, following breakfast, we embarked on a 5 hour drive to Tangalle. The organized chaos reigned on the road once we left the city. At any one point in time you could find a cyclist, a biker, a water buffalo, a tuk tuk, a car, a giant truck and a crazy bus all driving on the road. Everyone was over taking and aside from all the vehicles you also had people and dogs unexpectedly crossing the road, but somehow no one got killed.

We stopped at a turtle hatchery that was destroyed in the tsunami but rebuilt with peoples donations. The place had the cutest little baby turtles, once the turtles get to 5 years old they let them out and then they come back to hatch to the same places in 5 years time. My favourite turtle was the rare albino turtle the guys at the hatchery named :) .... Michael Jackson! Priceless...

Sri Lankans love their coconuts - they call them the King coconut and use them for anything from cooking, to beauty products, to making Arrack the national alcohol. At the hatchery we were "lucky" to try some of the fresh Arrack in the first stage of the fermentation process: warm, white and foamy! I would advise you strongly against trying it especially before a 3 hour drive.

Finally after what started to seem like an eternity we have arrived to our hotel in Tangalle. A peaceful coconut grove, a library full of the coolest books on anything from design to sci-fi, fresh seafood and delicious curries plus yoga at sunset. Happy days! The concrete claws of Hong Kong have finally started to loosen their metal grip on my head allowing me to relax.

Outfit pants Zara, scarf Massimo Dutti, top Jim Thompson, wedges the evil and blister-giving but oh so cool Jean Michel Cazabat, glasses ASOS 


  1. Gorgeous pictures!Everything is absolutely amazing!

  2. Your pants are awesome! I'm officially obsessed with Zara.


  3. @ Alina thanks Hun

    @ Ambyr, thank you first time I have worn them kind of feels weird to wear them around Hong Kong. I love Zara their quality is so much better than H&M :)

  4. Your pictures are breathtaking! Can't wait till you come back though! ^^

  5. Thank you for taking us somehow with you on your travels :) Once again thanks your colourful description of your experiences and beautiful pictures, it feels like being there ........... was there 29 years ago ........ a real experience ;) Make the most of it, enjoy the beauty, rest and relaxation!!!!
    big kiss

  6. Great pictures Tania!
    Maybe you can a National Geographic photographer!

    I'm back to business too, after a dreadfully long break.. Let's meet up this saturday : )

  7. @Brigitte so happy you like the posts. The place I'd absolutely magical, I wonder how much it has changed since you were here. Huge kiss to you xx

    @Sybil hey Hun welcome back. Thank you I think I need way more skill and experience for that :) but thank you. Let me know if you do some photos on the IFC rooftop I ll come down to say hi

  8. Found your blog via chictopia! You have amazing style and fantastic pictures! I'm now following you! Hope you stop by and visit my blog too!


  9. Thanks Hun! There is so many beautiful places in Asia, so the photo opportunities are endless. Will definitely check out your blog x