A secret hideaway ... home away from home ... a floating house where time stops.

I want to tell you a secret. A secret about a home away from home, where time stops and the air is clear where the sunsets are always dreamy and the water is really really blue. A barge in the new territories is a place where we only bring really good friends, it is shabby but chic fish farm, a floating wooden house that becomes our home on  the weekends. 

We bring lots of food, burgers, cheese, baguettes (I do have a lot of French friends so cheese and bread are imperative for survival) chocolates and Rose. We bring magazines and good music (this is the place where I heard my first MGMT song), and only close friends are allowed to come. We get a boat to come and pick us  up and take us wake boarding for an hour or two. We make barbecues and run around, we chit chat and nap (especially following a big night out), we watch the sunset and then finally we drive back home. 

We enter Hong Kong at twilight from the North point side of the island nothing beats Hong Kong at that time of the day, the buildings floating in the pink-blue air, the small boats in the marina,  the breath-taking skyscrapers, and the green peak at the back, the city I now call home!

I was feeling super summery and decided it was time to dig out my last years breton one piece from H&M and mix with my new bright green skirt. I think if you have seen the PRADA campaign this year, stripes seem like the  most versatile piece of your wardrobe. Hope you like the photos.  If you have time please vote for me on chictopia. Oh and if you are feeling jealous because of the weather, then don't - today it's grey and raining and the humidity is pretty much at 100%. Oh the fickle Hong Kong Spring how you are driving me mad ... Bodysuit H&M, skirt and bag ZARA, shoes and glasses ASOS, and belt Topshop... The dangers of buying on ASOS is that you cannot try the stuff on, so these shoes arrived half a size too small :( so now I cannot close them at the back, oh well at least they look cool :)


  1. Great post, honey!The pictures are amazing and so is your outfit!Kisses


  2. Love the dash of color!! very cute!! I love your blogg... New follower!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  3. Your outfit is very well styled. And I love ASOS too but get nervous, at least they have free shipping though.

    I like your blog. I'll be back for more!


  4. Thank you so much Girls glad that you like the blog! xxx

  5. i love the shot of you holding the bag with one foot on tiptoe....its the perfect snippet of a much bigger story, leaving much to the imagination...are you about to twirl? what/who are you staring at, what story would your eyes tell if you took off the sunglasses.

    I also love the bag...i need one of those for my beach escapades!