Sri Lanka, Markets, Vegetables, Fruits and Curries

Happy Easter guys! I apologize for being super crap with updating my blog, but I have had really bad holiday blues this week after coming back from Sri Lanka and I have been catching up on work and sports (read: unsuccessfully trying to lose 2-3 kilos). Anyways we are having a 4 day Easter weekend so things are looking up! Last 3 days have been about some serious eating, drinking, sleeping, wakeboarding and chilling. I have so many photos left to show you from Sri Lanka, hope you are not getting too bored of them.

After the morning that we went surfing, I signed up to one of those cooking courses. It's funny I never used to do the touristy "hotel" activities and recently I have started checking them out, shock horror, I have even signed up to one or two. Crazy, at this rate,  I am going to end up on a cruise ship with some 90 year old German ladies sailing Croatia.

Back to the Tangalle vegetable market, where I was the only foreigner at the market and everyone was quite surprised with my presence. The trick was that as soon as I saw an awkward stare I smiled back, and people would relax and break into the most genuine widest smile. Now, that would never work in HK, people never smile here. Everyone just assumes this "mind your own business look".

The colours, the smells and the heat of the market were crazy, vibrant, foreign and intoxicating. Everything from the old bicycle to the 100 year old lady selling the freshest pumpkins was picture perfect. The whole shopping trip was only around 15mins, but it involved the driver saving me from getting ripped off, maneuvering between people and piles of vegetable, learning how to pick out the freshest produce, bargaining, elbowing our way through more people, all while trying to take as many photos as possible. As we walked around I couldn't believe the beauty of the vegetables: fresh aubergines, carrots, cherry tomatoes just like a much much cheaper fresher and properly organic "Wholefoods"! Right by the exit I saw the most beautiful old ice cream box held by an old man
with sad wise eyes, who has been selling ice creams for the last 40 years. I was falling in love with Sri Lanka more and more everyday.  

In the evening it was cooking time. Cooking is the only thing I love doing around the house, I am creatively messy, useless at tidying, hopeless at ironing, but I love cooking. The tastes, the smells, the colours of different vegetables and fruits, I adore the creativity of mixing different herbs, the ability to create something new every time I cook, and mostly I love watching people eat my creations! 

As I entered the kitchen for my cooking class the first thing I noticed was the heat and industrial feel of the place. I have never cooked in a proper hotel kitchen before: the place was huge, with gigantic boiling pots on the big stoves, people were busily moving around, a big fish was laying on the back table and a sous chef was descaling it with a gigantic knife: everything about the place was exciting and slightly bit mysterious, to an amateur wanna be like moi. We made 5 curries and 2 salads. Sri Lankan food is amazing, light, fresh delicious, full of spices and all things coconut (coconut milk, oil, vinegar). The curries are much lighter than their Indian cousins, and the must have base ingredients are fresh curry leaves, red onion, garlic, ginger. The chef has promised to email me the recipes when he has time, in the meantime I will just show you the photos.


As I came out of my cooking class, the sun was setting and another beautiful day was coming to an end, we are so present in everyday of our holiday every moment is precious. 

Hope you are all having a good weekend! Just got back from wakeboarding and I am planning to have an early night.


  1. Wow...this is an amazing post!Love these gorgeous pictures!xoxo