Bienvenido a Tinhau...

Remember that Manu Chao song: "Bienvenido a Tijuana, tequila , sexo, marijuana" good old Manu Chao. Btw Tinhau is a very quiet, residential, up and coming area on Hong Kong island, so no crazy stories here. Just had the tune in my head when I was writing the post.

I am very sorry for disappearing for the last 2 weeks but my mom was in town, which involved: a lot of eating out, travelling to the outlying HK islands, visiting temples and chatting until the late hours. I am going to really miss her :(
Thank you for all your nice comments on  my last post! It's super nice to know that you guys actually read the posts!

Back to two weekends ago, when Sam and I decided to head to Tinhau. The government have been trying to re-develop the area for last couple of years.

What I liked about Tin hau?

Candy colored skyscrapers, endless cafes, small health shops, cute little restaurants, they even have thier own Classified in the area. Quiet and relaxed by Hong Kong standards with a few lower rise buildings (very rare) it's a more cheap and chic alternative for Happy Valley.

I didn't have time to discover more of the area, and around the main street, there are not many things to do rather than eat or if you are like us, take street style photos, to the great amusement of the locals.

What made it amusing for us?

It was 30 degrees outside and the sun was ridiculously vicious and we were pretty much dying after 10 minutes outside. We fought our urgent desire for ice tea and very cold aircon, staying outside to finish the photos: fashionable (crazy !??) determination. 

Once we finished, we ran straight once to the super sweet Peace cafe, but the place was full and waiting outside in 30 degrees was not an option, so we ended up in Classified. (I think the food at the latter is rather average, so what you have to go for is the cheese and ham selection together with a glass of good french red).

I am off to Moscow tomorrow for work, cannot wait to see my dad, and my girlfriends. I love travelling and I promise to get more regular with my posts!!!

Outfit: Dress Topshop, Shoes my 5 year old espadrilles,  belt ZARA (took it off another dress), Bag Mulberry, Vest ZARA, glasses Rayban, bracelet from a tiny shop in Argentina.


  1. Hello girl, I'm so glad you FINALLY posted this cuz... I just did too! :P Have a wonderful time in Moscow but remember to keep your eyes peeled! Can't wait to meet up on Friday!


  2. Hey! This look is so great! I love it on you. That Maxi dress fits you so well!

    Live Life in Style

  3. Your dress is a killer!! Love it, the shape, the color...perfect!

  4. absolutely in love with your maxi dress outfit!! so perfect for that nice summer day!!


  5. I really love your maxi and your shoes!! you look gorgeous in them =)


  6. hey girl i saw u on chictopia,voted for this gorgeous look there and had to visit your blog for more!:D fantastic style,great blog,i'm really loving it!!!and now following it!;) looking forward to your next posts!;)

  7. Ah you guys were in Tin Hau!? I work in Tin Hau why didn't you guys come and visit!?!? haha, congrats on the top spot but they way! It's coming girl! ya, and see you on Friday!

  8. Tania! you are beautiful! your style is beautiful!your website is beautiful! wow...seriously! You got a new follower here:)

    Hallie XX

  9. Tania your blog is nice and I love your outfits on this post , yellow bags it's a great way to start Summer...
    come and visit me I'm Dorothee a fashion / style blogger on www.desperatelyseekingpegase.com
    x . D

  10. Gorgeous dress. Simple design, but I love how it is in the wind :)


  11. ahhhh i love HK! visit it every year and looking forward to going again this summer <3 totally agree with your description about HK being like NYC and london on acid. haha i always tell people HK is like NYC on steroids. anyway the maxi dress look is so easy breezy! so lovely on you

  12. I love your dress!!

    Just read your 'about me' bit and can't believe what a cultured life you have led! I'm so very jealous!

    Just discovered your blog, but will be sure to check in again very soon! I love your style chick!

    Girl about Town XxX

  13. Absolutely love your wedges!