Grilled asparagus, Hong Kong wet markets and fishy business

We have had a lot of holidays recently and I am getting very used to working a 4 days week. Last Saturday I met up with Miss P and hot mamma to be (Miss C) for some dim-sum at Victoria Seafood in Citic Tower. Not the most charming place, it reminds me of those typical 80's banquet restaurants they have in Moscow, but they do have very yummy dim sum, my favourites are the fried taro cake and rice paper prawns. I was so hungry that I only remembered that I had a camera with me, at the end of the meal, so no photos I am afraid. 

You know what shocks me about Hong Kong? Those young mom's with two kids + two helpers. We sat next to a table where two families each had two young kids and each family brought a helper per kid, that is 4 helpers for 4 kids  = completely nuts. The kids were quite bratty and preferred the nannies over their young moms, who in turn were happy to focus on holding their shopping bags and chatting to each other. Seriously!

After the brunch we wondered around the wet market in central. Sometimes I dream, I lived in the countryside, I would wake up early, hop on my bicycle with a huge woven basket and go to the market, pick out the freshest fruit and veg for lunch. I would then ride back and start preparing lunch for a big family, sun would be shining and the air will be fresh. Reality check!!! Hong Kong is too dangerous for bicycles and the air is not fresh and my flat in mid levels is as far removed from a country house as possible. 

Back to the wet market. Miss C showed me a fantastic fish stall with charming sales girls and ridiculously fresh fish. In fact, it was so fresh it was still moving when they gave to us in the bag which almost made me turn vegetarian on the spot. Walking back from Hollywood road past Aesop, I was thinking how much I like their store: the design, the packaging, the fonts. Such a cool brand.

As I was walking up Elgin street I came upon my favourite curiosity store ran by an old Chinese lady for the last twenty years. It's a great place when you need to find something funny and quirky and not too expensive for a gift to take back to Europe: from Mao statues to beautiful bird cages, the place is like a little treasure chest.

{Shorts Initial, shoes KEDs, bag Sergio Rossi, Shirt ZARA, T-shirt Twenty 8 Twelve}

I found the most beautiful fresh asparagus at the wet market, and made them for dinner. I did eat them before I took any photos (Sorry :) but at least I can share with you a simple and delicious recipe.

{Grilled Asparagus with red onions and ginger recipe}
  • Bunch of fresh asparagus 
  • Quarter of a red onion
  • 2cm piece of fresh ginger
  • Olive Oil
  • Half a carrot 
  • Half a tomatoe (I love the one on the vine)
  • Soya sauce or Braggs Aminos
  • Salt 
  • Pepper

Grill the asparagus for two - three minutes 

For the sauce finely chop the onions and ginger, pour olive oil into the frying pan, add the onions and ginger and some soya sauce. Fry for 2-3 minutes until onions have browned add some chopped tomatoes and thinly chopped carrots. Fry for another 2-3 minutes. 

Pour over the grilled asparagus. Enjoy!

I like to have the asparagus as a light dinner on their own (add pine nuts or bacon to make it into a meal) or serve as a side with some steak or burgers. My favourite place in Hong Kong for meat is Pacific Gourmet. Owned by an Australian the place has the best tasting meat and their burgers are absolutely perfect, just enough herbs and spice not to overpower the taste of meat!

Friday tomorrow :) Cannot wait!


  1. Yay for holidays! Love the button up used as a blazer with your outfit. That's cute!

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  2. Great pictures!Love your shorts!xoxo

  3. What a colorful city!


  4. I absolutely love your outfit. I would dress like that everyday. Must be fun living in Hong Kong!

  5. amazing photos ! i like it and i love bubble t

  6. lovely images! you look wonderful! Happy weekend!

  7. How do you make onions look so pretty? :)
    Also love the picture of the birdcages and red lanterns. That's SO Hong Kong!

  8. I used to go to the wet market with my grandmother every day when I was on vacation. You work four days a week? That is so sweet....


  9. no prob with the post :) the shoes were too lovely not to re-post! everybody loooooves 'em! such an AWESOME purchase!
    anyhoot~ wet market photos look fantastic~~~ And I know what you mean about wanting to live out closer to mother nature and get away from city life...
    hahaha and funny story about the young moms. I totally know what kind of ppl you're talking bout ;p P.S loves ze outfit! that denim shirt...must have it! and you look so cute in those flats :DDD
    lovely post :) toodles!
    xo Diana

  10. Great blog- fantastic read and amazing pics!!
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  11. @ Shasie and Alina thank you girls :)

    @ Ana the modern Hong Kong is actually quite grey and boring but the little streets are bright, fun, crazy and full of colour :) which is perfect for me as there is so much materials for photos

    @ Cece Thank you - very fun for sure

    @Thanks Rosa do they have bubble tea in Paris?

    Thank you design elements - wish I knew who you were as you didn't leave a link to your profile

    @ Joey - The onions 50mm F1.4 - wide aperture and a very tiny bit of photoshop. I have a bit of a vegetable obsession now that I think about it

    @ Di Thanks hun! was looking for a denim shirt for ages and then I found this one - it's almost silky and is fitted. Love at first sight x

    @ Thank you Michelle :)

  12. I really love the way you present your photos on your blog! The colors are amazing and they all go so nicely together, despite being rather different in their subject. And what's amazing is you make the wet market look good!