Island tripping ... Best Potatoe Crisps in the world, mini Great walls and Kitesurfing

Back in Hong Kong from Moscow. I was going to try and blog everyday but as you can see that didn't happen :) Thank you again for your comments, and thank you to Chictopia who have kindly chosen my outfit from the last post for their front page for a day. Happy days!

As for Moscow, I am absolutely in love with this city in the summer, green trees everywhere, white fluff in the air making things look dreamy, the smell of summer, clearest blue skies. I have taken 489 photos (seriously!) so keep an eye out for the Rusky travel recaps in the  upcoming posts.

As for now, it's back to Hong Kong. The other weekend when my mom was in town I finally had a chance to go to Cheung Chau an outlying island of the HK archipelago. I have been meaning to go there for eons but there was always some sort of excuse (a hangover, other things to do, friends in town).

Hopping onto the fast ferry from the central, I was in a little happy bubble: my mama, weekend chillax, a new island to discover and the soothing rocking of the boat made for a perfectly  happy relaxing equation. The weather was grey and foggy which actually made the trip feel more dreamy and mysterious.

Arriving to Cheung Chau I straight away fell in love with the island, winding streets, low rises, no cars allowed on the streets so everyone rides a bicycle, small quirky shops and a seaside promenade: the place felt almost Mediterranean, rather than Hong Kongy.

The island has an immense amount of things to do:

If you like eating, there is food for every taste from roasted duck to fresh seafood and Asian style desserts (freshly made red bean cakes, green tea and glutinous rice puddings, rice and mango rolls), there are also the famous white and red Cheung Chau buns and the crowning glory of the island, the famous potato crisps. I am not a savory person, usually (far too often :) diving for the cake over a bag of crisps.  Yet, these beauties deserve a special place in my food gallery.  They are cut thinly with a special cutter/peeler and then fried to perfection. Next to the counter you can add chilli, curry paste, salt to these melt in your mount crispy heavens, then you can walk very slowly to the beach (2mins walk) sit down on the white sand and enter the state of pure bliss!

Feel like you have eaten too much? if you like hiking: there is an super nice  walk over  the  Cheung Chau "mini great wall", past animal shaped rocks, white sandy beaches, small settlements, baptist churches and buddist temples.

You can drop by the quirky little stores (where I found my Faux Bottega Venetta bracelets) and if you are feeling very adventurous walk along the beach to the windsurfing school to get a lesson with one of the rather cute teachers :)

If you are not a kite or windsurfer the place is still a must visit as it belong more in Biarritz in France than in Hong Kong. It's chic and laid back, all in the whitish grey shades of Flamant, the beach bar offers daily Mediterranean inspired specials, which you can graze on while looking at the vast sea.

One last place you must go to before you head home is the Yuandme tea shop specializing in Pu er tea as well as Western and Asian antiques, beautiful hand made Yixing purple clay tea pots and  silk tea boxes from Japan. The lovely couple (Lily Yu and her husband) who own the shop are true tea aficionados, ready to give you a lesson in tea ceremony while telling you a story about the different types of Pu er available. Charming and passionate the owners are really inspirational and their hospitality makes you what to come back again. (Address N2 Tung Wan Rd, Cheung Chau Tel: 29818432)

It's been a long week and I am looking forward to some good un-jet lagged sleep.



  1. thank u for sharing these amazing pics,it looks like i traveled and saw everything u saw!:)))

  2. Apart from the amazing writing skills, you also have absolutely no fat :l
    Welcome back :P

  3. omg those chips... i need to try those next time!

    i LOVe that photo of the two people in the glasses... very sweet.

  4. I don't know if this is the island I ever been to when I Was in HK, a friend bought a little house in the island and I stayed with him for the weekend. Same, no car allow, and everything was so nature and pure..I remember we been to a party at night in the island one night, every body seemed just be walking to the party room, and drink, and dance, and sing. The other night we were having BBQ on the roof of the house, looking at sunset, and seeing the other crazy friends rocking the night.That was really good memory:)I wish I can come back again, this time would like to go to the island with you:D

  5. Hello you, Oh Thanks for your comments very nice from you...I'm seeing your picture with the Potatoes on stick i had tried this not long ago funny taste ...I originally thought this was sweet like normal Apples and cinnamon oh welll

    Following you now xx

  6. CC is my favourite outlying island and i LOVE that potato chips!! =P

    The photos are beautiful!

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