Leather Workshop part 2: My sky blue clutch

Just got back from the beach. What an amazingly perfect Sunday. I woke up super early, went for a long run with my friend (Baby B), finally finished my bright blue clutch, went to South Bay beach with a bunch of friends, and then watched the sunset in a small beach bar we found in the South of the Island. Nothing beats a combination of a jug (or two or three :) of PIMMs, good friends, sunset and a warm breeze + the knowledge that the summer is just starting. Happy days!

So back to the clutch: it's sky blue, it's leather and I made it! I know, I know it's not exactly a Celine bag, but nothing is more amazing than creating something from scratch with your own hands. The smell of leather, the leisurely slow pace of the stitching process, the pattern cutting, the final polishing of the edges - the whole process is magical and extremely soothingly relaxing. I have to say a big thank you the Fungus workshop for letting me experience this. 

P.S. I always have end up looking very sulky when I try and take a photo of myself and this one really cracks me up: It's a mix of Blue Steel and Sulky Monkey :)

I love table books and our dining table in the kitchen is full or architecture, photography and art books. I really like how the Japan book has the same tones of blue as my new clutch.

Have a nice week and a very big thank you for all your comments on the last 2 posts!


  1. So fun! That's a great bag. I've been looking for the right color clutches all year, and I can't seem to find the colors I want, so I may just have to make my own too!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Wow I'm so glad to see you debuting your new clutch. Please bring it for a shoot next time! I love the color. I know, you can give that to me as a birthday present. jk!


  3. Great job!


  4. Oh, I'm so jealous of that purse! Perfect color!

  5. AWESOME job!!! looks very professsh~ did you stitch by hand?!
    loooove the color :)
    it's better than a Celine b/c YOU made it yourself, making it extra special~~~
    xo Diana

  6. How awesome is this??I think it's better than the celling, I agree with my friend di here. :)

  7. The celine I mean, darn it auto spell check!!

  8. I really like it when the light hits you face like that,it really makes your features stand out! Lunch time photo section sucks, the sunlight's always overhead :(

  9. yum i love pimms too. stumbled across your blog. I love hong kong!!! I go there semi often with my hubs when he has some business to do there. enjoying your blog. you're photos make me want to go back asap :)

  10. Love your clutch. Good shape and amazing vibrant color!


  11. Funny how I stumbled across your blog - I recently dug up a dark blue clutch from my closet and was looking for pictures on how to pull it off. You made that clutch?! It looks great! And on another side note, I'm planning to travel to HK in August! Go figure :)


  12. omg! love love love this clutch!

    P.S I stopped over in HK for a mere 1 hour but it's definitely on my places to visit list! Come to Perth!


  13. Hey guys sorry have been completely MIA as my mommy is in town :)

    @ shasie, Ana and KaNini thank you ladies :)

    @ Ceci K and Di thank you so much guys. Still eyeing up that Celine though hehe :)

    @ Sybill I miss you ... Hope I can see you very soon!!!

  14. @ Ambyr thank you Hun :)

    @ Ivana I like wearing clutches in the day time, with jeans/shorts and shirts. Let me know next time you are in HK I will show you around and give you lots of good addresses for shopping , desserts and arty things :)

    @ Heidy hope you come by for longer soon :) Australia is definitely on my list of place to go! X