Moscow I heart you: art fashion and blue blue skies and thoughts about being a nomad...

As a person who grew up in Moscow in the 90's, spent her teenage years in Spain, and went to university in London, I have always thought of myself as a nomad. I had no ONE home, home was where I was at the time, where my friends and family were. I always denied being just Russian, and tried being European, international, my identity was that of a traveller, an explorer. Yet, as I got older and moved to Hong Kong, being so far away from family and old friends, I started to think about my identity. 

Is it good growing up all over the world? I think it's good to be open minded and flexible yet sometimes one needs an anchor, does your identity and nationality provide you with an anchor, or does it come from your loved ones? Is the anchor within you, regardless of your nationality? I think a bit of everything. 

Since moving to HK, I have been surrounded by mainly French or Asian friends being neither of the two, I have started to ask myself who I really was. (As you can imagine I am still searching for the answer).

What I do know though, is that since I have moved to Hong Kong I have been missing Moscow, more than London, (although less than Spain) and I have become fascinated with the city I was born in.

Moscow is beautiful, in that extreme painful, soulful Russian way. It's messy, dirty, fast, inspiring and chaotic. It has so many things that make me angry: like bureaucracy, traffic, attitude to love, sex and money, but it has so many things that fascinate me: the people, the architecture, the Phoenix-like ability to survive the biggest among of shit thrown at it, ability to wipe off the bullshit and power on despite all the hardships. The inexplicable Moscow.

I spent the last 6 days in Moscow (I returned yesterday morning). Moscow is incredible in the summer: the skies are bright blue, there is white poplar  (topol tree) fluff flying in the air, the cupolas of the myriad of churches shine in the sky, the air is fresh and the city feels new, full of pulse, full of movement. 

My dad's hobby is modern art (20's century Russian art) he find new painters, buys up their pieces, keeps some, sells other pieces.  Every time I see him he introduces me to a new artist, this time we went to the exhibition of Irina Nakhova. 

She is an installation artist and an academically trained painter who “parlays art historical references into interactive environments that are humorous and poignant” (Marina Mangubi). She is witty and daring one of the few modern artists along with Tracy Emin and Sam Taylor Wood who consistently create though provoking pieces.

The wide Moscow roads, the long warm days, sun doesn't go down until 10pm in the summer, the striking colours - Moscow I heart you :)

As for the outfit. I am wearing Armani dress, my Mom's Alexander McQueen scarf, my Zara boots, and RayBans. 

P.S. I found some fresh mint on the day I was flying in my fridge and decided to take it with me on the plane. Best idea ever - nothing beats fresh mint tea. Oh and check out the local Moscow Batman below! Priceless. More posts on Moscow on the way, it's the ART fair in Hong Kong this weekend, which is super exciting, hope you all have an amazing weekend!! 


  1. Beautiful- take me with ya next time Tizzles.

  2. Moscow looks so fun! I love that outfit and the bike is so cool with the pattern that looks like it came off of a plate!

    Live Life in Style

  3. I'm east-european too so I really feel you! ;) My parents visited Moscow a few years ago and they loved it!

  4. How fabulous that you have been able to live in so many places! Love your blog!! Following : )

  5. Tiana, you have endless beautiful pictures! and amazing writing!

    I always think Russia has the most beautiful girls, and you are only one that I know for a friend:)

  6. Beautiful Moscow! Love your photos! Great dress..you always have beautiful pieces!