Moscow part 2: Feeling blue: skirts, skies, raybans, bags, chocolates :)


It feels like its been a very long week and it's only Tuesday. My dearest husband is leaving tomorrow to go trekking for 3 weeks in Nepal (he is on gardening leave), work is getting super busy, Sam from Sam is Home and Sybil from Style Voyager  and I are working on two awesome projects and I am in serious need of exercise, because unlike some lucky ones who don't eat when they stress, I turn to good old chocolate for it's calming effects :). Calming until you don't fit into your skinny jeans, that is.

Recently I have been meeting so many passionate and smart people working in design, construction, online retail, packaging and fashion. These people are truly inspirational, when you talk to them you just cannot stop talking, your conversations go on for hours, and you cannot stop bouncing ideas of each other. 

In fact I have to say I am an ideas junkie. Tell me about a new idea, be it cloud computing, new web app, a fashion retail idea and I will melt, fall in love with your brain and heart and become fully absorbed in every part of the picture your imagination will paint. For me, nothing beats a conversation with a passionate and  creatively ambitious person. One of those people is my friend miss M1. She is hot, petite, smart, creative, ambitious and just all around awesome! I have known her since I was 7, but it was only recently that we reconnected on my last trip to Moscow. 

Since the last time we met she actually quit her job and started her own creative agency. She is a true inspiration to all those of us moaning about our day jobs. The only person who will help you is your own self so take your life in your hands! I moan far too much and my big resolution is cut down on moaning FOR GOOD!

  Back to my favourite Moscow - striking, refined, structural and so blue. Some days have a colour and this day was blue, not the sad blue, the beautiful sky blue. Starting with outfit. I bought this skirt in Initial in Hong Kong. Being a pear shape I have always been partial to long skirts. Elegant and chic, they elongate the siluette and hide all the sins. Plus I have always loved the blue colour. Navy, turquoise, teal I would pick them over black any time. They are my ultimate base colours. Wearing blue Initial skirt, my ZARA boots, a blue Club Monaco top , Raybans and the most perfect White Massimo Dutti jacket. I have been looking for a white jacket for years until I found this one :)  As for Miss M I forgot to ask her where her clothes were from. I really loooove her blue Raybans that she got in NYC, aren't they just amazing? We met up up for drinks and dinner at another restaurant from the genius Ginza Project guys. Tinatin had delicious Georgian food, and the perfect hot water with lemon. Oh and check out my new favourite chocolates creme brule with pecans from Komilfo. To DIE for! Have a good week!


  1. thank you for your comment dear:)
    your blog is so clean and organized! i love it.

  2. Thanks hun :) I actually forgot to tell you that I loved the fonts on yours

  3. i love the post and the bottle looks great!)) although i hate my beaver cheeks on this photo))))

  4. uhmmmm chocolate creme brulee! I am so excited for our projects.. gonna send it to you soon to see what you think!

    see you tonight!


  5. You look stunning in blue! I relate to a lot of what you have to say in your recent posts... :)

  6. and THANK YOU for great words:)

  7. Hi Tania! We at Electric sekki love your blog. We've recently featured two our your outfits on our blog.

    Check it out here http://electricsekki.blogspot.com/2011/06/best-bet-t-like-bubble-tea.html

    Please feel free to contact us; we'd love to invite you to our showroom for a look around! We are the Asian representative for Twenty8Twelve, Something Else by Natalie Wood, Sass & Bide, Havaianas, and 30+ more international brands that you would love!


  8. thanks hon! your comments really made my day! when you're a nomad you tend to feel as though you're all alone in this world but sometimes you find people who seem to really get it... that's how i felt when i read your comment. i'll definitely be here for the summer, let me know if you are coming please! i would love to meet you!

  9. Blue post! Love color matching in arhitecture and outfit photos!


  10. Great blue outfit! Love the white blazer you paired with it and neutral shoes.