When Ice Lemon Tea met the Teal Scones

Last weekend I met up with Sam from Sam is Home, for some tea and photos. It was initially meant to be raining so I dutifully searched the web for things to do in HONG KONG on a rainy day. (Museums, food, shopping and hotels tea were pretty much the suggestions). We chose Tea at the Parlour in Hullet House a beautiful colonial building in TST run by the Aqua group.  

I took my favourite star ferry across the water, the star ferry is a must in Hong Kong, yes I know I am saying the biggest tourist cliche, yet I love the 7 minutes on the water, where you sail from central island side to the mainland: the rocking of the boat, the breathtaking views, the breeze, the smell of the sea: something makes the crossing of Victoria Harbour really special every time. 

Sam arrived carrying my favourite yellow ZARA clutch and wearing a very cool pair of H&M shorts. We climbed behind some RESIDENTS ONLY rope and took photos for about an hours in the beautiful galleries of the hotel, much to the amazement of the mainland tourists walking around the hotel, before being noticed by a guard who kindly asked us to vacate the premises. 

Sam is such a good photographer unlike moi, she had all these ideas like getting me to twirl, which made me feel ridiculously stupid but made for good photos. SAM! what would I do without you :)

As for tea at Hullet House, while I have to say the food was well presented (check out the super pretty scones) the taste was rather unexciting, overly sweet and disappointing. The stewed pears (both Sam and I love all things stewed) were just a bunch a candied pear chunks with and the olive oil ice cream tasted like a very sweet vanilla :( nothing to write home about. Ohh and meet my new favourite drink: the Virgin Mojito no sugar, which basically means soda water and mint and lime. 

Sam is travelling now, but as soon as she gets back we are going to explore all the hidden Hong Kong cafes, shops, galleries etc, so stay tuned. 

Last but not least the outfit! You know those days when nothing just fits right, I really had no idea what to wear, recently I rediscover the super quirky local store INITIAL where I bought the cropped shirt so I decided to pair it with my well trusted ZARA midi that hides all the sins of too much eating and not enough working out. Sam, I have to say I think the yellow clutch looks better on me though! VOTE T for president!
{Wearing: Skirt ZARA, shoes Nine West, Cropped Shirt Initial, Sam's yellow clutch ZARA, sunglasses PRISM, bracelets Hermes, Bag PS1}


  1. I just saw this on Chictopia and fell in love with this look! :) Great blog, definitely following! :)

  2. stunning photos!
    I love the outfit with those shoes...can't believe they're Nine West! how awesome :D
    and...I WANT YOUR BAG!! it's a FAB color on you~~~
    xo Diana

  3. Love this outfit! I like it with both the green bag and the yellow bag, and the shoes are amazing!

    Live Life in Style

  4. ah I love that photo of you with my zara bag twirling and of the scone! I think you should take over Spain so we can go to Barcelona next year!

    I'm back tomorrow (I saw it's rainy the whole week...) so let's meet up!! :D


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  6. @ KaNini thank you hun :)

    @ Di thanks hun, I know I usually don't like Nine West but I saw these over lunchtime and it was love at first sight plus they are super comfy

    @ Shasie Thank you ... I actually think I prefer the yellow - going to have to steal it off Sam :)

    SAM! Barcelona would be so much fun! YEY! Text me when you get back xxxx

  7. Amazing look!..simple outfit alive with perfect shoes, perfect for so many reasons! Yellow bag is suger on top, works better with whole outfit then the green one! Just found your blog and I love it!


  8. Ana thank you for the kind words :) I just looked at your blog love the name the font the DYI aspect and your style references. I did two posts about sequined shorts and leather workshops check them out I think you would like them. Very happy that you found me x

  9. These are GORGEOUS pictures. I just discovered your blog and I love it so much!

  10. Ah... so pretty :)
    So wanted to join you guys, and now i'm so busy it seems quite impossible :(
    why.. why me?

  11. in love with your shoes theyre AMAZING xx

  12. I just fell in love with you blog! Loooove your style!