"ART, friends, Tea and books - life's exquisite pleasures"


HK art Fair was established 4 years ago and has become the most exciting event on the HK Art scene (which is not  that difficult to be honest). HK does not have a modern art museum at the moment, so the art scene is focused around galleries. This makes the art scene very commercial with an emphasis on the few well-selling artists. This year the guys behind ART Basel acquired the HK Art so 2012 should be really exciting for all the HK art lovers. Plus the government is looking to build our own modern art museum in West Kowloon, and the ex director of Tate Modern Lars Nittve was hired to be the curator/director of the new museum M+.

Sam, Sybil and I decided to brave the ART fair two Saturday's ago. HK is so efficient you sometimes forget that there are 6mm people living on this small piece of land. You only get reminded about it in Causeway Bay, during lunch hour on Queens Rd central and at fairs: art, food, design - any fair seems to bring all the 6mm people into one place at the same time :) Crowded to say the least!

Still absolutely worth it. My dad has been a collector of Russian art for the last 25 years, and I remember as a kid many many paintings either standing on the floor or hanging in the living room, I could sit for hours studying the paintings I liked. One of my museum memories is of the small museum/gallery with Dali's work in Venice, I was absolutely blown away.

Back to HKART Fair 2011 - the exhibition started with the most annoying incident when the guy at the door, thought we had a zoom lens on our camera, only non - zoom cameras are apparently allowed (all three of us use 35 or 50mm) and made us give our cameras to the cloakroom. When we (Sybil and I) realized that we wrongly gave up our cameras,  led by the absolutely outraged Sybil (she a tough 5.2 ft cookie :) we fought back to successfully reclaim them. From there on it was all about elbowing our way through the fair. 

First stop  James Jean American -Taiwanese artist and illustrator that you must remember from the Prada 2008 S/S campaign. Sam and her lovely girlfriend as big fans of the James giggled all the way to  his booth, and took a photo with the artist :) Nothing is as charming as a talented and creative person. Check out the dress of Sam's friend, which is a work of James.

My favourite painting was definitely that of  ANTONIO SANTIN from the Wilde Gallery in Berlin, I really fell in love with the vulnerable and mysterious red head femme fatale laying on the stairs.

"Tea and books - Mmmmmm, two of life's exquisite pleasures that together bring near-bliss." ~ Christine Hanrahan 

Any fair, no matter how good it is, can become overwhelming so we were quite happy to discover the booth of the Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan. She cleverly made books and encyclopedias into teas, so when we drink the tea we can understand all the content immediately. Did I learn all the encyclopedias by heart just by drinking the tea? I don't think so, but I did thoroughly enjoy the taste of fundamentalism and philosophy and economy and hypercapitalism teas, and really loved the concept. 

The guys from this booth asked to take a photo of us three for their wall  and of course we agreed.

We had to sign it so after some deliberation we came up with; "SST likes bubble tea at home with style voyager :) " 

Lastly my outfit - my favourite polka dot romper that I spent the whole of last summer in, espadrille wedges, Massimo Dutti jacket, bracelet Hermes, bag ZARA, glasses Raybans (old but still my favourite)


  1. Interesting event! Great outfit paired with perfect leather bag!


  2. Gracias por pasar por mi blog y dejar tus comentarios!! Me encantó este post, aunque no soy una experta aprecio el arte, en especial la pintura. Tu outfit y el de tus amigas también me encantó!! Se ven de revista!! www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  3. i like your documentation of the HK art fair. Definitely a different angle of when I went last year. I remember seeing a really cool and real looking sculpture/clay piece that was of a cardboard box.


  4. Lol nice photos of me and Sybil when we are totally not ready! Hahha. I wish we had more time to take a look at the galleries- hopefully next year. And thats a gorgeous photo of Hannah- I'll let her know that you posted it!


  5. @ Ana thanks hun .. I do love the bag it's so simple

    @ Shasie thanks girl for all the nice comments :)

    @ De nada guapa, es mi gusto

    @ Mat thank you. So you are also based in HK?

    @ Sam yep please do she looks so glowing on it. I can email it to her if she wants :) xxx