The Creamy brogues

Back from the most amazing weekend in Lisbon. The weekend involved too much flying, too much dancing, a beautiful wedding and a lack of sleep. The highlight of the weekend involved me arriving to the check in desk in Lisbon to find out that my return ticket was booked for the 19th ... of JULY! Thank god, for a lovely lady at the counter who kindly changed my tickets for no extra charge. This was followed by me forgetting my camera on the plane, which I only realised when I got back to my flat in Hong Kong. After some deliberation my husband kindly drove me back to the airport where I found my camera safely sitting in the lost and found office. What a messy return! 

So while I am processing all the amazing photos from the Lisbon weekend I wanted to introduce me to my new babies! Last week I bought a pair of new brogues made out of cafe-creme colored canvas with a small heel, they are a mix between a brogue and a ballet pump from the legendary French brand Repetto. These guys pretty much invented the ballerinas and their craftsmanship has been honed for the last forty years. Even the box for the shoes is beautiful: with pale pink paper, the  short story of Repetto carefully written inside, the simple yet delicate shoe inside the box. I bought them during my lunch hour and spent half the day in the office peaking at the shoes, admiring their beauty.

I have always been amazed at women who can carry a men's shoe: one has to be confident, boyish and womanly at the same time and have a certain flair to her to really make brogues  work. It was during WWI and WWII when details from menswear tailoring crossed into women fashion, and we have never looked back. Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Heprburn, Audrey Hepburn these  were the iconic women of the 20's century who wore boyish clothes and shoes. Each one was unique in her style; ranging from strong and powerful, to  elegant fashionable chic, to vulnerable and feminine.

Nowadays it is of course Garance Dore and Alexa Chung, who wear brogues best. Garance epitomizes French girl chic, with every girl wishing to have her as a best friend. Alexa pioneered brogues 3 years ago, when ballet pumps were the only flats owned by every fashion lover: with her endless legs and tomboy chic she is my ultimate style icon today.

Hope you like the now/then collages below. It's fascinating how little in a way has changed in the last 100 years of fashion.

All shoe photos of shoes are courtesy of MOi, the photos of the women were sourced on Google images :)

Lots of Lisbon photos coming this week!


  1. LOVE this fantastic new purchase! you and your fabulous lunch break purchases...lightning fast shopping skillzzz! Can't wait to see how you wear these babies~ great product shots too.
    I'm an super big fan of brogues, and they're such a fabulous alternative to ballerina flats and the like. sooo cool & chic too! (Alexa & Garance...loves them) I'm always into a good stylish mix of masculine and feminine.
    So glad to hear you found your camera and that you arrived back home safe & sound. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely photos too :DDD
    xoxo Diana

  2. You left your camera on the plane?! Nice person who took it to Lost and Found! I would have had a major freak out.

    I love oxfords too- my Zara pair fell apart thanks to the rain last week. They're now getting some TLC at the repair shop! There's a pair I want by Marc Jacobs at Lane Crawford but hoping there will be a sale soon before I buy...


  3. I ADORE your shoes. The woven look of the fabric just makes the chic shoe that much more likable. I have black leather ones. I love how you included the picture of its packaging. Those are pretty rare, but they are undeniably cool.