"Dacha" the green countryside from my childhood memory box

What a roller-coaster week, it started amazingly good, to then turn very bad. Sometimes things happen that make us re-think our priorities and ask what really matters in life: to me it's  family and friends. Banal? Cliched? Logical? Yes for me it's that simple.

Moving on to some extra photos from my Moscow trip. Dacha or country house is very important for every Muscovite: when one wants to escape from the stone walls of the city where the air is heavy and streets are crowded, the saving coolness of the green country side is a saviour for the body and mind.

As a kid, every summer until I was 10 was spent at the country side. My great grandma built the house in 1937 just before the war, in fact during the  WWII bombings the whole family (my grandma + her three brothers) would hide in the bomb shelter.

One of the cousins was so desperate, once, to go to the loo that he neglected the advice to stay inside the bomb shelter and ran to the toilet (a standalone cabin) when a piece of shrapnel hit the toilet door giving him the fright of his life, but leaving him unscathed. (My great uncle couldn't stop laughing when he told us that story :)
{wearing: jacket cotton on, body H&M, belt Topshop, pants Club Monaco}
My dear country side. I remember how the whole family would gather for lunch around my great grandma who was an incredible woman. In Italy she would have been called La Mama: strong, inspiring, wise, she held the family together: keeping down the quarrels, always impeccable even at 80 years old, with a fantastic sense of humour. I hope I can be even a quarter of a human being that she was.

My favourite things about dacha were the birthdays where the whole family would gather around the table, drink, eat, laugh  and sing. I remember the giant watermelons (pure nature, non - GMO), remember the smell of cut grass, the feeling of the morning dew cooling your feet as you run out of the house, I remember the summer smell of a barbecue, the burning wood.

I have not been back in 6 years. The house is still there, so is the garden, some trees have fallen because of old age and everything looks much smaller when you are a grown up, the attic had lost it's mystery and is now just a small room upstairs, the terrace is tiny, yet the memories are alive, they fill in those gaps that time had taken away.

Just wanted to share the photos with you of this place very dear to my heart.

Hope you are having a nice week!



  1. This s a great story, T! The stamina, the dignity- thats what i feel when i read about your grandma! It's great when you can share her experience and memories!This is priceless

  2. Zaikin thank you! Thought you would be able to understand me :) miss you

  3. This post made me... speechless! Thank you for it, for these photos and the memories of the very dear part of my childhood! That was just incredible... And I just so much miss you!!!

  4. I love your photos! Your country house is really beautiful, especially with all the history behind it. Having a home to escape to in Hong Kong would definitely be great. And yeah, I live in Hong Kong!


  5. Great photos! I love your chic look with the stripes and the pants

    Live Life in Style

  6. Fascinating pics and brilliant story! Fab pants too!!


  7. This home is so cute. Just the way I would want my little getaway home to look like if I ever had one.