Lisboa 48 hours part 2: The Wedding

A wedding party sometimes feels like a movie with two main protagonists and many many extras. It takes months of preparations, involves a lot of stress and then it's over in a few hours. It just flies by in a whirlwind of kisses, tears, lights and endless congratulations.

As we gather at the entrance of the hotel: the excitement starts to kick in, Viky (the bride to be) invited our friends form uni some of which I have not seen in 4 years. We all get on the bus and then heaps and heaps of guests start pouring out of the hotel. The bride is Spanish and the groom is Portuguese which results in a lot of stunning, tanned, chic and beautiful people (who are at least 30 minutes late).  Oh and what a feast for the eyes is a summer wedding: the most popular dress colour is definitely red, a few guests are being adventurous with teal/turquoise,  and one of my personal favourites is a girl with a quirky knotted bow on her head, she is one of the guests from New York.

The bus ride makes me feel like we were on a school trip,  just grown up kids. We want to grow up so much when we are younger and when we become adults we just want to be kids again. Ironic! The first stop is the church, having drank a big coffee before I got onto the bus (jet lag fighting plus Portuguese coffee is deliciously addictive) after an hour and  a half on the bus I am in a desperate need of a restroom, plus the nerves are starting to kick in. I am about to do a reading at my first Catholic wedding with 400 guests. Grrrrrr (Note to self: do not drink coffee before a very long bus ride). Thank god there is a restroom next to the church!

Few minutes later we enter the church as I sit on the second bench I realise that taking photos feels somehow very wrong so my pictures of the ceremony are rather limited. As the ceremony starts the day becomes a  whirlwind: the bride and groom walk in, and sit at the altar. The bride is radiant and stunning in a simple flowey white dress with beading and a headpiece that has been worn by 4 generations of the women in the grooms family. 
The very good looking Catholic priest gives  the most amazing speech, manging to be modern and traditional, relevant and kind, touching and inspiring all at the same time. Suddenly it's my turn for the reading I walk up, do the reading, (I am scared that I am going to stutter) but its all over in a second, as I am walking back to the bench my legs are shaking, few more minutes and it's all over. We are back in the bus heading to Quinta da Alorna a 370 year old winery and house that belongs to the groom's family for the party.

As we drive up to the House sun starts setting and in Europe unlike when you are on the equator evenings and twilight last for 2-3 hours. Nothing is as beautiful as a long sun set: the change of colours, the coolness of the air that slowly rushes in, relieving you from the heat of the day, and then there is the anticipation of the night, the knowledge that you have a long long time ahead full of exciting celebrations and endless dancing.

Oh what a night!  The marquee is set in the garden of the house, it's a glass structure with rolling hills and wineries in the background that gives you the impression that it's floating in the air amids the two small lakes. We feast on good old Jamon, take endless photos and enjoy every  moment of the precious setting. We are then seated. The beautiful bride and groom enter the marquee dancing and the dinner begins. 
Continued below

 Dress  Etxart & Panno, belt Comptoir de Cotonniers
Each table in best Portuguese tradition gets up and sings "Long live the newlyweds" while frantically flinging around a napkin. Our table (we are sitting with the best man, the Mr. Pedro himself) has a better idea! We are going to dedicate a full song + a dance to the newlyweds. After some negotiations we choose the cheesy but fun Black Eyed Peas "tonight is going be a good night" and as we blast the song and run up to the table, the bride, groom and at least 100 guests jump from their seats and start dancing! Pretty incredible! The mood for the night is set. Pedro you are a genius! 

The rest of the night is a big dance and music filled hurricane: the first dance of the bride with the father, the groom and the bride, the parents and then all the guests, a Latin wedding means everyone including the grandmother stays till 5.30 am and dances without a pause. Incredible. 

Last mention goes to the dessert table with all the cakes and fresh fruits it is so perfect and beautiful I wish I could pack it all in my suitcase an take it to Hong Kong.

My feet forget pain, my mind forgets the jet lag and I dance all night, celebrating a new beginning, celebrating my friends. 
Just as quickly as it started it's all over: last dance, last song and happy and exhausted we climb into the bus, the sun is slowly rising and the night is now over. It flew by in a a second, beautiful, magical and passionate.

What an amazing weekend! What a magical wedding. Just like in a movie the credits are rolling and last night feels like a dream as I lay my head down on the pillow sun is already shining a new day has begun.

NB: just in case you are wondering the round glasses in the photos below are the special lucky pick up glasses :)


  1. Oh I can't get over how pretty you look in the close-up shot! And the dress is stunning. Lovely weather... ah everything's so perfect.

  2. Oh my God!!! I've seen your stunning dress on Chictopia, but I didn't expect such amazing photos here... I don't know where to look first, the bride, you, or at the beautiful place... Great, tnx for sharing such beautiful pics with us! ;)

  3. omg what a gorgeous wedding.. and your dress is absolutely perfect for the occasion!

  4. Wow I love the painterly florals on your dress. Some really stunning shots here- my favourite is the shot of the curtain of ivy with light shining through. Take me along next time?


  5. Nice pics! Lovely dress!


  6. WOOOOOOOOOW amazing dresses!!!
    it looks like a super funny weddings!!
    amazing guests!!! and dresses are fantastic.!!!!
    super lovely blog!
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  7. Pedro Sabido28 June 2011 05:48

    Tania, better it was impossible. The description of the wedding is perfect and it is impressive how we can relive the feelings of the wedding reading this text.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing this with us.


    Pedro Sabido

  8. I adore those teal dresses, especially paired with purple heels. Those are fantastic photos!