Obsessed with Hermes Tea Party by Peoni Lim


1.the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
2.the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself.
3.the state of being obsessed

I never re-post other people's images, just because I usually have so much stuff I want to share with your from my adventures and travels. If there is an image I really love I tend to post it on the sidebar. This time is very different though as it combines three of my favourite things: Tea, Hermes and timeless elegance. Have a look at these tea party shots by Peoni Lim my new blogger discovery kindly showed to me by Sam {is home} the other day. I never obsesses about anything (ok maybe... only sometimes... about shoes, bags, food, desserts...) 
I love everything about this party and you wouldn't expect less from Hermes. Unlike the more kitch Louis Vuitton, Hermes has managed to keep it's cool even despite the sleuth of Russian and main land Chinese adopting the Birkin as their uniform bag. 
Check out the amazing attention to detail: the flower arrangements, the food, especially the H toast, the beautiful space itself. I am absolutely in loooooveee. 

P.S. listening to Noah and the Whale and Adele dreaming of green fields, tea parties and Europe
 All photos aside from the last three courtesy of Peony, the last three photos are courtesy of moi :) Enamel and leather bracelets and bag Hermes. Purple bracelet from a small shop in Cheung Chau island.


  1. oooh love this~ the setup is elegant & warm at the same time.
    and that cuff bracelet w/ studs is giving me majorly good vibes. wants it.
    lovely post :) gonna go check out her blog now...
    xo Diana

  2. In Hermes way..elegant and sophisticated..nothing to much to divert your attention from the main subject of the event. I love them and wish I could afford few things.. Beautiful photos I must save them as well..


  3. Ooh, these photos are amazing. And thanks for your sweet comments!

    P.S. I'm increasingly getting more and more excited for HK - you gotta tell me all the cool places to visit!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful blog!! I invite you to visit my blog www.stylepicture.blogspot.com I hope you like it =)

  5. @ Karin Gracias guapa, acabo de visitar tu blog y me encanta un monton. besos

  6. Your so right there really is attention to detail here. Absolutely adore this esp. the flower arrangement tres cute! I wish I was there x

    Urban art + street fashion addict: