An ode to Miss V, Miss M and Jam

My husband surprised me this morning by coming back from his Nepal expedition 5 days early: he came back smelling of yak with a gigantic smile and he brought back my camera :) Thank you for being you!

Tomorrow I should be flying to Lisbon for 48 hours for a wedding of one my best friends. Many people I met in life came and went. I call them the "passers by". Few stayed, they are the real friends you can count on your ten fingers. You might not see them for a few months or years, but when you meet is like nothing has changed, once that bond is formed it's always there, like a little piece of the puzzle that always fits.

Miss V

We met on the first day in university. She was sitting in the front row, I was late (as always) I looked around the class thinking which people would become my friends within the next few years. She had this insane long beautiful blond hair and a slightly cheeky smile. We bonded over our love of whisky sprite, miss sixty jeans (they were "in" back then) and our love for dancing. 

We ate kebab at Marush, danced, laughed, traveled, she was a much more diligent student than I was, at least in the first two years, so she dutifully passed me her notes at the end of each term. I would call her up when I was heartbroken, we would dance in Boujis till late and run around Kings Road, drinking tequila in Azteca with Fernando. She was the energizer bunny that managed to go out 6 nights in a row on our holiday in Greece, full of life and smiles. She is my little miss sunshine and is one of the very very few people I will travel half the world for just to watch her in that white dress. 

So keep an eye open for the next posts from Europe...

Miss M

For now I just wanted to show you one last bit of photos from Moscow. In the first photos is another friend of mine, which I went to school with in Moscow you could say we were the naughtiest girls in the class, I was a rebellious precocious little thing that loved finding trouble  and doing things that would completely shock the teachers: smoking in toilets, wearing Spice Girls' buffalo boots to school, kissing boys and Miss M was my partner in crime. Creative and quirky with a brilliant wit and a fantastic sense of humour, she was one of my few friends that would always crack my dad up with her brilliant jokes. 

The place where we were having tea is just next to my house in Moscow. Designed by my favourite Ginza project, there is a sling in the middle of the cafe and giant jars of amazing jam. The jam itself is incredible gooseberry, cherry, strawberry the list is endless, it's home made melt in your mouth goodness that you cannot get enough of. A super cute place, perfect for catching up with old friends and drinking tea (with Jam of course).


  1. here-here! well said~
    what a great friendship :)
    And hooray to getting your camera back!
    loving all the photos as well! (I'm a big fan of jam) and fantastic outfits in the post below (esp. the shoes!!!)
    safe travels and hope you have tons of fun @ the wedding!
    xo Diana

  2. Yeah it's hard to find those friends- for me because I move every five years. I love the boldness of her outfit though- it's refreshing!

    Have a lovely trip girl, I'll see you when you get back? Looking forward to seeing some photos from far far away.. SIGH..


  3. Would you be able to email me your contact details? Would love to interview you for our site and talk about collaborating!