Scalloped 2031

Following a crappy week, last weekend was absolutely amazing. I spent the weekend taking a junk to the new territories with a bunch of friends, dancing, eating Lebanese food, swimming and dancing a little more. If there is good music and in Hong Kong we rarely get good music, I can dance the whole night even without alcohol :) 


Turning back to two weekends ago Sam, Style Voyager and myself went to the Elements Mall in Kowloon. Now what can I say about Elements, I am rather partial to malls as I find them soulless, copycats of each other, each one with a ZARA each one with an LV, there is little originality and aside from my favourite IFC mall that has an amazing rooftop as well as a photography book store, most malls bore me. I do love spending time with Sam and Sybil though, especially taking photos and grabbing lunches. This time we checked out a Mexican place where the food was rather sub par unfortunately, although I love nachos and burritos. YUM!

On my way back from our meet - up, I walked by the Kong Cept 2031 exhibition, as I don't have a camera at the moment, most photos were taken either with my iphone or Sam's camera. My camera is currently with my husband in the mountains of Nepal where he is doing a 3 week hike. 

The lack of my camera makes me feel rather orphaned, like I lost my third eye. 

So back to Kongcept2031 it was organized by Hong Kong Designers Association, funded by Create Hong Kong, is a project about design ideas for the life of Hong Kong people in the year 2031.

Imagine the style of living in 20 years’ time … What will the technology be like? What will the pace of life be like? How will people go to work? How will they communicate with each other? Will there be new energy source? What will be fashionable? What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’? Will Facebook get a face-lift?

I have to say while not all the work was particularly interesting I loved the meals made solely out pills and the lawn for sale, I wouldn't even wait 20 years to buy one.   

As for my scalloped shorts,  I wanted a pair ever since I saw Chloe Sevigny in 2009 wearing her Chloe ones. She has absolutely amazing legs which makes the shorts look even better, but while unfortunately ASOS does not sell legs it does sell shorts: almost Chloe, greige and baggy enough to give that slimming effect. 

I wore them on two occasions last week for a dinner party with my White Massimo Dutti blazer and then for our brunch photo date with a cropped white Intial shirt. Also proud to introduce you my new DVF wedges. 

It seems that I am currently having a very bad obsession with nude wedges (comfy and leg lengthening what not to like? BUT how many do you really need?). Top Club Monaco, belt ZARA from a dress, clutch self made :) glasses Prism, bracelets Hermes.

Got a promotional email from Shopbop today that was showing pre (FALL) collections how exciting is that? A brand new fashion season! I am hoping for a death of colour blocking and emergence of a new crazy trend, Aztec prints, mixing materials and textures. Given that our summer won't finish until November we will have to take our  layering winter photos under aircons in shopping malls :)


  1. This look is beyond grogeous! Love every single piece! Those shorts are too cute and the bag is just awesome!

  2. where is the Kong Cept 2031? Is it still up?
    And yes I wish ASOS sold body parts too (no assembly required). That site is the devil- I even know when the product placement shifts because I check it too often.


  3. Love your first outfit! Those shorts are so awesome.


  4. those scallop shorts are so darling on you! and looove the wooden platform of those DVFs

  5. I love this outfit, I like those shorts

    Live Life in Style

  6. Those shorts are amazing!!!