Dreamy Lofts and lots of Fashion: Teasing time

Hey guys it's been a while since I have updated the blog, finally got back into sports (after a very long pause) so been running and doing yoga all week but as a result I have been slacking off on blogging. (I NEED MORE HOURS in a day!)  

So I was meant to be arriving in Mongolia for work right now, but due to some stupid visa misunderstandings we are still in HK. Apparently my boss and I were meant to have the invitation letter with us, instead our colleague left it for us at the Mongolian customs, so by the time we got the letter sent to us, the gate closed :( Now we might be flying through Seoul tomorrow. What a mission!

On a more happy note, yesterday my husband completed a 250km ultra-marathon in the Gobi dessert I am super proud of him, I hope next time I can come with him, BUT as a volunteer photographer not a runner. (If you see the state of his toes and feet you'll know what I mean)

So back to fashion - a few weeks ago I was contacted by a girl called Priscilla, she said she worked in the media communications department of a company called Electric Sekki . So two Saturdays ago she invited me to check out the clothes and style them for a blog. Sounded like a good fashion adventure to me! Adventures like this though are always more fun when you do it with friends. So I invited Sam and at 10 a.m. on a Saturday we headed to the Electric Sekki office in the port of Aberdeen.

Picture the most incredible white loft in a warehouse building with a few white washed bricks, a live green wall and racks and racks of clothes.

As the morning light poured into the windows the whole space felt like it was floating: simple, airy, clean whiteness. The front part of the loft reminded me of a creative treasure chest. Glass cupols with moth and jewels, old books, edgy prints and fun art pieces, a whole corridor wall lined with beautiful black and white photos from the RVCA campaigns - interesting and unique objects brought together in uncluttered manner. Pure perfection! I was in love, in love with the electric creativity of the place, the quirkiness and the space: it was the kind of the place where you want to live and work.

As if that wasn't enough, at the back side of the loft there were a line of glass office rooms with some hilarious names such as "another day another dollar", Fashionology and Lifestylism - definitely not your average office.  Oh and to top it off  there was a big outdoor wooden terrace where you could have lunches and even barbecues. Heaven?

Almost, this is where it gets better as we walked into the back room Priscilla (a super hot half Auzzi/ half Taiwanese girl which clearly got the best of both worlds: beautiful sun kissed hair, a care free lovely attitude and amazing energy) showed us racks and racks of new winter season clothes: Sass & Bide, Twenty8Twelve, One teaspoon, 21 by Alessandro del Aqua, Insight, Something Else by Natalie Wood and Ksubi. I felt like a kid in a candy store with some of my favorite designers gathered in front of me!

I think I picked out the most crazy, bold, out-there outfits I could find, I mean you would, wouldn't you? 80's, tribal, 21st century Marie Antoinette, floaty urban geisha. 

 We will show you all the outfits starting tomorrow, but for a quick glimpse check out the video. I have to admit I felt really camera shy when I was doing it, but Priscilla did a great job with it. 

Cannot wait to show you the actual outfits! All photos courtesy of moi, aside from the last collage that is courtesy of Priscilla.


  1. i hear you on wishing there were more hours in the day! everything sounds exciting, wish you could have dropped by seoul for bit!

  2. We were so glad to have yo, you look AMAZING in everything in our showroom.. Looking forward to more style jam sessions in the future! Xx


  3. Aww I'm so excited for you girls to be playing with some great Aussie designers! You looked fabulous in the S&B body con dress <3