Electric Body CON(scious)

Mongolia day 3, I am absolutely loving UB, exhausted from all the meetings and the drinking, but having so much fun.

Outfit 3 is a very tight Body-con dress from Sass & Bide. Since putting on some weight after starting work, I have gradually stopped wearing really tight things, having become a fan of all things flowey, light, layered. I think girls are under ridiculous pressure to be skinny: skinny is associated with happiness, success, even power, it's a sign that you are in control. Control seems to be one of the most desired  traits of the 21st century.

I love Latin American women who embrace their curves, who carry their body with confidence, proud of every bump. The thing is it's all on your head.
I think it's important for girls to respect and love their body. Yes you can always be skinnier, taller, prettier but ultimately you need to learn to love yourself now, without always wanting more. 

I have always been waging a war on myself, getting angry for not being able to be in control, not eating carbs, thinking cakes are evil, dividing food into good and bad. Two months ago I decided enough was enough. There is no evil food, there is no need to ban yourself from eating cake and seeing food as a treat. 

I said if I want cake I can eat it, if my body wants chocolate everyday then maybe it needs the serotonin :) I did gain a kilo since starting my new attitude to food, but I finally relaxed about food and after an adjustment period (non stop pigging out on the NOT so evil cakes, scones, the forbidden bread baskets)  I actually started craving healthy food.

Don't get me wrong after being food conscious for a very long time I am still in "recovery", but I don't beat myself over every piece of bread anymore.

As for the super Body con - dress: the reason why I love this dress is because it's womanly, it's tight, 80's inspired slightly punky and super short. Somehow it's outrageous length gives you confidence, you think to hell with it. I am the way I am and I going to be happy just being me. I have loved blue denim since I was a kid, in this case I liked the way it added a street style feel to the look and dressed down the dress making it more complex. The cuff added the extra edge and I really liked the soft leather. This look is dedicated to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brooke Shield and the Calvin Klein blue denims. I was too young too enjoy the 80's first time round, which makes it even more fun to reference them now. 
{Wearing: Ksubi denim sleeveless shirt, Sass & Bide dress, Lucy Hutchings bracelets, Ksubi sunnies, wedges Sergio Rossi}


  1. Ahhhh Booobooooo... You are the coolest and the pwettiest :)

  2. Hello there! You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress, talk about hot! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Its so nice to (internet) meet you! Would love to meet a few more HK bloggers if you ever have a chance. xxx

  3. I think you look perfect ! I feel you because I am exactly the same....I'm always on a diet but never really get a hold to it :)

  4. T like Totally hot! You girls rock those looks!

  5. nice outfits! you girls look awesome! Can't get over that chunky necklace & that leather cuff..