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What a week! I am writing this as I am sitting on a plane from Beijing to Hong Kong. This morning I left Ulaan Baatar,  I was very sad to leave as I really grew to love the city over the 3 days I spent there. Messy, not obviously beautiful, but growing and changing almost in front of your eyes. The energy is palpable: the space, the mountains, the green steppe, the wide roads there is so much vastness of opportunity it's breathtaking.

At one of my meetings I met a very wise and fascinating man, with ideals, drive and desire to change the world, he mentioned something that really resonated with me: the idea of legacy. If you disappear tomorrow what will you leave behind for those around you, for your children, what will you be remembered by?

One of my biggest worries in life is that I am not doing anything meaningful, not doing a job I am 100% passionate about, not changing anything, not contributing enough. Maybe I just need to learn to relax and learn to find peace within.

Sorry for all this and thank you for reading all my rumbles this week. It has been such a draining but exciting week I had a need to share more thoughts with you guys.

So back to FASHION :) This is my last outfit from Electric Sekki shoot. I feel sad as it has been so much fun to work with Priscilla, and I loved having a chance to try on all these outfits. I cannot wait for them to hit the stores so I can get my hands on them.

This last outfit - is kind of the opposite of the body con dress,  a relapse into the safety of floaty draped  silkiness. I am not very tall 1.68cm and I feel that kimonos require a certain lankiness to pull them off, without looking like you borrowed a curtain. Yet this one from ONE Teaspoon is perfect, slightly edgy due to the army colour, just see through enough to make it light and airy, with perfect intricate studded detailing: I think I discovered a new wardrobe staple.

The best part about a kimono is its sensuality and playfulness together with it's practicality. You can wrap up in it when you need to disappear and feel like you need an extra layer around you (especially after a big  dim sum lunch with your friends) or you can let it playfully drop of your shoulder when you are at a dinner with your boy friend. Sensual and protective: I think I am sold!

The rest of the outfit is simple a silk romper under a bright skirt. I like how the cream silk is simple and light, and the skirt adds a good pop of colour to an otherwise muted colour scheme.

As for Lucy Hutchings pendant I have to say it's been a while since I have been so obsessed with a jewelry designer. I like the edgy simplicity of her work: each piece has a subtle boldness making a understated statement without overpowering the rest of you outfit.

Electric Sekki kindly invited to a party next week, with an amazing British designer and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

Hope you all have a super nice weekend

{Outfit: One Teaspoon kimono, One Teaspoon silk romper (worn underneath), Twenty8Twelve printed silk skirt, Lucy Hutchings necklace and  bracelets, Ksubi 50's sunnies, wedges Sergio Rossi}


  1. U girlz kill me with your clothes!

  2. I am totally in love with all the stuff you and Sam did for Electric Sekki! Amazing styling and you look amazing in all the outfits. You've got an amazing figure gf~
    My macbook died on me while on vacay and I have yet to get it fixed, thus the lack of action on my blog :(
    The vacay was a great break indeed, and my last night there I went to go hear DJ Dirty South. I don't know much about electro, but my friend told me he's gooood~
    xoxo Diana

  3. awesome thanks! I am all for Parisian chic :)
    I wish I could visit HK... It's def one of the spots I want to hit up when I go to Asia. I have a feeling I may go to Korea sometime next year, so would def drop by! xoxo

  4. btw love Lara Bohinc! really fantastic jewelry!

  5. Your shoot with Electric sekki looks amazing! How great to try on clothes that haven't hit the stores yet! And so cool to travel so much for your work. What do you do for your job?


  6. Its official! You have the best job EVER! Sounds very glamorous. I love these clothes, what a honour to wear them before they are in shops!

    Girl about Town Xxx

  7. you are one lucky lady! what beautiful clothes! thanks for following my blog :) x

  8. more reason for me to make a trip out soon!
    A girl's vacay in Seoul would def make it that much more fun!
    sweeeeet, gonna check out LH's stuff~~~
    keep in touch!
    xoxo Diana

  9. nice shoes!!
    nice pics.