HK Bloggers Happy Rainy days and Crochet skirts

This weekend involved  a cocktail party at Elecrtic Sekki for Richard Nicoll, on Friday. 

15 hours of sleep, a detox and an afternoon of meeting  up with other HK bloggers: i.e. the Valerie Soh, Denise and Sam, on Saturday. Sam just introduced me to the other two girls which was absolutely awesome. We met at Cafe Causette and headed to the Old Supreme Court which is one of my favourite buildings in HK. We goofed around for a little bit, took some photos (what else) chit chatted and then I headed off to do some yogi.  

Sunday was spent doing more yogi, working as tour guide for 5 hours for a Russian client who is in town with his family and finishing the day with an awesome cosy birthday dinner party with a bunch of friends. Happy Birthday MISS P! You are my little piece of sunshine in HK! To sum it up an almost perfect weekend, despite the hedious weather. 

As for the outfit, I am wearing a super beaten up pair of Massimo Dutti boots which I loved so much, that I bought them in a size too small because they only had one pair left (I seem to be doing that a lot lately). I am really into crochet at the moment, so this Club Monaco skirt was a perfect find, bag my rather worn out Alexa Mulberry and cropped top H&M, glasses Ray Bans. 

Hope you are having a good week. It's pissing down in HK which makes the city feel humid and ghost like, I have a constant feeling of being wrapped in wet cotton wool. Should be going to Europe to see family and friends this Friday, cannot wait :)

P.S. the awesome photo of the three bloggers with writing is by SAM.  Most of the other ones aside of the ones of moi are by me. xx


  1. Dude that's a really awkward photo of me walking. Anyhow I love the boots from Massimo. I want a flat boot as well and am looking into APC.. hm...


  2. Love your boots too!!!! And I really love how you styled it with this gorgeous crochet skirt! xoxo

  3. Hi there - just stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying reading your archives. Great post on Fungus - you've inspired me to sign up for the leather classes! Felicity

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! I love your skirt!!

  5. Fantastic skirt -- Club Monaco right? I wanted to purchase it but the website that carried it was sold out in my size. Nevertheless, it looks amazing on you. You have a great figure.


  6. ohh I love that skirt!! looks like you girls had lots of fun!