Richard Nicoll Resort 2012 x HK

Yesterday I got to interview Richard Nicoll which was super fun. The interview happened thanks to the Electric Sekki guys, thank you Priscilla. Check out her blog for info on Richard.

I didn't know what to expect from meeting such a big designer, would he be moody? Diva like? Will I forget all the questions I prepared?

My fears could not be further away from the truth, although I did forget most of the questions. He was relaxed, humble, a little shy and very endearing, extremely creative and intelligent someone who you don't just admire from a creative point of view but whom you want to hang out with and really get to know.

For Richard fashion is not a means to an end, it is a way to celebrate individuality. He likes when his designs are worn in a personal unique way, an extension of the personality as opposed to a TOTAL catwalk look. Richard designs for all kind of women his clothes can be both structured and relaxed, loose and defined. It is perhaps his studies in St.Martins in menswear and Australian laid back influence that produce such unexpected results. My favourite pieces were the brocade skirts, dresses and tops. It's a real art to take brocade and make it look fun to take away the inherent stiffness of the material.

Some of his muses: Josephine de la Baume for her flirty French Bridget Bardot like curviness, Florence Welch, his mom and the incredible Linder Sterling for the strength and creative genius. The latter has been introduced by a friend and they had been collaborating ever since. It's a loose creative friendship as opposed to a business partnership that produces such fantastic unexpected results

He describes his resort 2012 collection as signature and relaxed.
He was influenced by LA, the West Coast, 30's deco, and drop-waist silhouettes from the previous collections, as well the dancer Pina Bausch and her long skirts.

He had Morrissey on his speakers when he was designing the collection. He did some stage costumes for him and was give a bunch of CD's by the artists himself so was revisiting his music.

Shy by nature he always saw fashion as a way of communication, a social rebellion.

What about blogging? New media? Twitter?
He likes the new media believing that it makes fashion more democratic although he does feel that we are an ADD generation whose mind is in need of constant stimulation. One interview he referred to was the Alaia interview that perfectly reflects the insane pace that fashion has adopted in the last few years.

As for favorite places? Right now he has been traveling so much, that it would be his flat in London next to Victoria Park. He also loves NYC and Barcelona. In London he likes hanging around Victoria park, and eating in Towpath cafe and Brawn on Columbia Road. He also loves the gallery scene in Hackney.

Endearing, shy and creatively intelligent. Check out his blog for more updates. As for me, Iam a big fan!

{Outfit: wearing long dress by Richard Nicoll Resort 2012. My own outfit Jean-Michel Cazabat wedges, D&G top, Initial shorts, bag PS1, belt Topshop}


  1. That dress looks super sweet on you- I'm glad you had such a good time even though I wasn't there. The resort colors are a good break from this dismal HK weather we're experiencing this week


  2. oh wow how lovely!
    he sounds super amazing :)
    you look frickin gorgeous in that dress!!!
    xoxo Diana

  3. Congrats on the interview! You look stunning in that gorgeous dress!

  4. What a dress! :O Love it! Congrats on your interview, hun! Great job!

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  6. wow, you look absolutely amazing in that dress!

  7. That dress is really stunning!!!
    The interview is great!
    Always like to read what you wrote! and enjoy all the pictures here!

  8. Hello gorgeous! You looked UTTERLY stunning in that dress, it fitted you perfectly. This looks like a really fun day. So funny to hear you saw me in Central, I wish you had come and said hi! Lets meet up for a drink sometime? My email is apairandaspareonline@gmail.com. xxx

  9. Great Post! You look gorgeous and the dress is just amazing! I'm following you now. Follow me if you like my blog too:)

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  10. I love the print on that dress! This looks like an awesome experience!


  11. Hi there! Came by your blog via Sassy HK.. I write a fashion blog in Singapore and I work in finance too! :)

    I love your entries and will check in often!