Defining success

Sometimes I feel like I have two people inside of me: one is introverted and awkward, shy and quiet and scared of change, the other slightly goofy, ridiculously talkative, with a super short attention span and constantly craving new experiences. The two sides tend to pull in different directions although the extroverted side has been winning this year.

This weekend I shot a video for a new department store in central Hong Kong. It was an absolutely mad experience, that involved walking around central Hong Kong dressed up in warm winter clothing, acting, more acting, melting in the sun, eating amazing desserts at Madame Sixty Ate, and trying on endless clothes and accessories combinations, so basically having an enormous amount of fun. Completely out of my comfort zone? For sure! Would I do it again? 100%.

One thing I did learn, is a confirmation of something I already knew: I enjoy jobs away from an office desk much more than the ones that involve siting and staring at a computer from 9to6.

There are two quotes/interviews that I have recently came across on Carmen Chan's blog, that I think are extremely true and powerful!  Hope they provide you with inspiration on this Monday morning.
By Martin Prihoda a photographer: 

{There is no tomorrow. There is no “I’ll be successful when I reach here, or there or I’ll be happy as soon as X happens”.

There is only right now. It's a crazy thing but so many of us live in the future. I know this because I have like-minded, goal orientated friends like myself. Friends who say: “As soon as my book is published…” or “I need to be making at least 6 figures…” Those are all valid goals but they have nothing to do with success or happiness.

What I realized is that putting your visions of success and happiness into the future tense really is a negation of your success and happiness right here and now. We are unhappy with how things are so we fantasize about the future and how happy we’ll be when we have our new car, house, salary, job, relationship.

But its all bullshit. You’re lying to yourself. If you can’t feel your success right here in the present moment, then you never will. It will never ever come.}

I found the second quote also on Carmen's blog it's from the Oriental tiger Blog

Outfit: fashion winter is here but it's 30 degrees in HK that makes any sort of layering a suicide. I have to give it to SAM who braved the streets in some beautiful ACNE-inspired burgundy trousers but my heat tolerance is lower than hers. One solution to make things a little more autumn-like are military jackets or shirts that can be layered over summery rompers, as seen on Natalie off Duty and A pair and a Spare. I found my old khaki shirt in the back of my closet and have been wearing it over my summer dresses and rompers. Also for the evening I have been adding chunky winter boots to my summer outfit. 

However, until the temperature drops below 30' there is no way I am taking my layering much further. Romper old ASOS, shirt Stradivarius, sandals and bag Zara, sunglasses limited edition Steve McQueen by Repsol (borrowed from the hubster :), bracelet forgot the brand but from a shop in Spain.


  1. Love it, super inspiring! you look so pretty xx

  2. I have an inner battle as well! The negative/miserable one against the creative/confident one. My goal is to strangle the miserable one asap.

    Great outfit by the way, is that Essie Playa Del Platinum on your toe nails?

  3. LOL to Sybil's strangling. I think she killed it.

    And I love that mushroom color on your toes (what's with our vegetable analogies?)

    I started laughing when you used quotes from Carmen's blog cuz I was going to use them as well. I guess we're both stalkers.. stalkers and veggie talkers.


  4. Love the blue color outfit:)

    Fashion Cat

  5. Love the romper, its so pretty! The matching braid bracelet is also very lovely.

    I fully agree with NOW. Need to do things NOW.

  6. loving the blue tan!! how are the pups??

    ps did you get the email about the fashion blogger event at 208 this friday?

  7. ahh i love those zara sandals! i had the orange and camel ones but they broke on me while shopping in central :( so i went to exchange them but they were sold out! sob