Fields, Hedges and Vintage Dresses

Holidays are over and I am now back in Hong Kong.  I think I could easily do with another week, or two, or three in Europe.

On Thursday evening we drove back from Portugal to Spain to catch a flight on Friday morning. It was such a beautiful and peaceful drive: the sun was starting to set and the shadows were getting longer. We were driving through the endless mustard, green and yellow rolling hills, listening to Mumford and Sons and contemplating the return to reality.


I am so behind on posts so let's rewind back to my week in Spain, on one of my morning walks with my dad I discovered this wooden hedge with a big field behind it. I feel that after starting the blog, I always assess every beautiful or interesting place I come across for it's blogging photo potential. This place definitely had something about it: a dreamy light wooden hedge with little purple flowers and bougainvillea, you could almost imagine a secret garden with fairies hiding behind it. The field was just 100 metres away from the hedge - an untouched and deserted piece of countryside surprisingly stuck between apartment blocks and villas. I am not sure why it has not been built on yet, but I hope it stays like this a little longer.

Of course I called Samia and told her that I found another place for photos. She bought a really cool  vintage flower dress at a market, and we decided it would be  a perfect math for the field. At the sun was setting we set out for another photo session. The air smelt of summer: green grass, the omnipresent bougainvillea and the sea.

She wore a vintage flower dress. I wore a brandless frilly romper I found in a shop in HK (Home in Soho). Special mention goes to the bag, that I almost bought a year ago in Paris but then changed my mind, I regretted it all year as I cannot buy Bimba & Lola in Hong Kong. I almost bought it online but they don't ship to Hong Kong, so finally I found it in Marbella on sale, it was the last one. I am pretty much obsessed with it. It's an antidote to my much loved, but extremely annoying to hold clutches. Bracelet by Uterque.


  1. I'm kind of completely in love with that bag of yours. Bimba and Lola is great, I can't justify paying so much for it in KL. So for now, unless I visit Europe, I can only wistfully appreciate it from afar. And thanks for the link to the Kamilya interview!

  2. Love love love your bag! You two girlz look amazing! Great pictures!

  3. Pretty outfits and amazing scenery. Your blog makes me want to travel again but I've been told I need to save for a house :(

    <3 Heidy

  4. Pretty white top and the bag is amazing.

    Fashion Cat

  5. Thanks for your comment, your blog is really great and your outfits are always amazing :-)


  6. I am crazy of your dress, it's just beautiful