Good Friends and Tapas

The other day I was thinking about real friendships.

Friendship for me is like an array of intangible bonds that build over time, these bonds are tested by distance and hardships, they are tested by happiness and sadness. These bonds evolve, as we grow and change, yet once in place these bonds are some of the most precious things we have in our lives.

There are two girls that I saw in Spain, who both have a very dear place  in my heart. One lives in Dubai, the other one in Marbella. One is a funny and beautiful energizer bunny, the other is my fashion soulmate (she is like a sister from another mother). I have known them for more than 10 years and love them with all my heart.

It's sad that they are so far away but I am blessed to have these two girls who are so incredibly funny, beautiful and kind as my friends.

P.S. Quick note on Tapas. Tapas are an integral part of Spanish life. Initially invented to accompany afternoon drinks in bars, they have become a trendy culinary staple. Carbo-laden little bits of delicious goodness. A perfect tapas dinner involves: jamon, chicken skewers, mini gazpachos, mozzarella sandwiches, spinach bakes, crab pates and to finish it all an arroz con leche, add a few glasses of wine, friends you have not seen in far too long, endless conversations on a refreshing summer night.

Can things get any better?


  1. Oh I looove tapas! Me and my husband are crazy about spanish food...maybe that's why we have at least one vacation a year in Spain :)

  2. Oh girls, you look absolutely awesome! Great pics!

  3. you look so happy and relaxed...like everyone and everything is right where they should be.

  4. You have such gorgeous friends! :)


  5. We love tapas too! One of our HK faves is this place: http://bit.ly/ooPpoF

  6. I love going out for tapas with friends. I'm obsessed! haha
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  7. hey beautiful, thanks for stopping by my blog it really made me happy^_^

    i like how simple and beautiful your blog is!!