IF the Hat fits let them wear it ...

When I was growing up fashion was rather awkward and once you chose a style you stuck to it for some time. When I was 12 I loved all things grunge the doc martins, tar tan skirts and chunky bracelets, then came the Spice Girls buffalo shoes, things got better when I got to Spain in late 90's, early 2000's: we wore bell bottoms, anything by Diesel and the height of fashion was wearing green cargo pants with heeled Timberland's and a cropped top, a la "Jenny from the block" ... Nice!

Since the noughties Fashion has become more daring more eclectic more ADD. Le garçon, lady-like, Boho, Fetish; each season the marketing teams of fashion magazines throw all these fantastic terms at us to create desire, for us to buy into all the different styles. In most cases the new styles though are just revived old classics, like the hat.

The hat is one piece of head gear that in the last few years went from the realm of old school rock bands to an accessory seen on pretty much every single remotely fashionable head out there. 

Wide brim, trilby, panama, all these hat styles have been suddenly plucked out of relative obscurity onto the head of every celebrity, model, hipster and wannabe boy band member. Hats became cool again, popularized by the likes Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and all the Indie boys. My favourite hat wearers are Frank Sinatra, Michale Jackson, Johnny Depp, the boys in the movie Clockwork Orange  and ofcourse Isabella Blow. 

My affair with hats really started around four years ago. I bought a grey felt hat, but like young platonic lovers we stayed away from each other, shy and undecided about one another, it hung in my wardrobe for some time before I decided that I could actually pull it off.  When I did though, there was no turning back. Once you actually get used to a hat you become best friends for life. A hat is the best solutions to a bad hair day and hot weather, a hat makes any outfit, boyish and elegant at the same time, it gives you anonymity yet draws just the right amount of attention. You have to find the right hat though, I for example look ridiculous in wide brimmed ones as I have a small head and look like an overgrown mushroom on steroids. 

It's weird to be posting the holiday photos now, it's feels like Portugal is some parallel universe far far away from the busy, hot and sticky Hong Kong. That night we went out for a big dinner with friends and family, followed by a late night in T-Club. Nothing beats a long summer dinner, followed by B52's and dancing until the early hours. I wish I was self-employed so I didn't have to count holidays, although maybe the holiday days would be less precious then. 

Wearing my trusted polka dot romper HOME (HK), I think I have had it for two years now and still cannot get enough of it. Initial belt, Bimba and Lola bag, Hermes bracelet and my new amazing Panama hat.

P.S. check out my awkward attempts at a Michael Jackson pose - rather silly but very fun :)


  1. love the polka dots! www.casualglamorous.com

  2. settling on a style has been a work in progress. I feel like mine changes every year~
    dude what a great outfit! you look fab. I've been eyeing this white panama from goorin bros. and now you've got me convinced~love the tan and your legs look muito fantastico!
    xoxo Diana

  3. So stunning! I love polka dots and the hat is perfect.

    Fashion Cat

  4. I love your look from hat to shoes!..finding style is ever changing process, at least for me...

  5. thanx for your lovely comments sweety:) you look awesome today:)follow you on friend connect..have to stay in touch:) lafoliecouture.blogspot.com

  6. What- I thought I would be one of your favorite hat wearers! I really like the ones from Maison Michel except fedora style looks terrible on me- I need a bowler with a wide brim!


  7. WOW You look great with this look!!! I really like everything about it!! Great post!! www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

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  9. Awfully good looking people at this party! You make me want to go to Europe! xx