Jumping Boats

Whenever I come to Spain, every morning, I tend to go for a beach walk with my dad (unless I go out the night before that is :) We walk along the beach, past apartment blocks and villas, we chat about all and nothing, the sun is just rising, there is a breeze and the air is still fresh, as the unbearable heat of the day is just getting its strengths together, and in these early hours the holidays seem endless. 

As we went for our customary walk on my second day in Spain, I noticed these colourful fishing boats on the beach. I love bright colours, they always associate for me with summer, the sea and holidays. I called my best friend straight away and asked her if she wanted to join me for some photos. She was up for it, which couldn't have been better. She is French Algerian and has an incredible style, she is never scared of trying something new, pushing the limits, she has an inert sense of chic about her, that one can only be born with. 

So on a perfect summer evening we set out on a photo adventure. The colours were beautiful: light blue twilight skies, bright green, blue and red boats, turquoise sea and petrol blue fishing nets. What I really loved though was that Samia was with me jumping off the boats, doing silly blogger poses, twirling around and just having fun.

Samia is wearing ZARA skirt and belt, H&M top, I am wearing ZARA skirt and bikini top



  1. Great outfit. Looks like you guys had alot of fun. Wish I were in Spain, or even Hong Kong (even without the lovely little coffee shops), right now because KL is so very boring. And I really like your Zara skirt. I don't think its being stocked in any of the Zara stores in KL which is such a shame because it's gorgeous!

  2. You two look gorgeous and it looks like you had soooo much fun!!! xoxo

  3. love love love the outfit combinations! especially the gold and black belt

  4. i adore these skirts! you are stunning :)

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  5. everything looks good on you! ;)
    kisses from pepa:X

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  6. Love your skirt! Why do I never see things like that in Zara?!