Leather Moon over Mumbai

As you have read from my previous post (if you have read it) I am currently on a look out for all things that will help me transition from summer fashion to fall fashion without making me sweat profusely.

Now leather is not the obvious choice, but leather pieces in thin material can actually add some edginess to your autumn wardrobe without jeopardizing your sweat glands :) Now don't get me wrong I am not advising you to put on a pair of leather trousers in the style of Patti Smith and Mick Jagger well not yet at least. I think it is best to stick to loose shorts and skirts. I especially like leather bottoms paired with a shirt. Check out how my friend Samia paired her leather skirt with a jeans shirt making the look girly and edgy at the same time. I am wearing my new babies with a white cut out shirt for a more boyish look.

By the way I never wear one brand head to toe, but as I was about to list the clothes I wore for this post I realized that it was all H&M. I don't go to H&M often, popping in once every 3/4 months, but when I go, I end up buying up half the store. Each piece by itself seems such a bargain, yet somehow grouped together its not all that cheap.

I have been dying to start wearing jumpers but it's too hot here, so one solution is to wear them on my terrace and when it gets too hot, run back to the respite of the aircon.

As for "moon over Mumbai", I am always searching for that perfect nail polish. I wish I could do red yet I am just too un-elegant and un-French to be able to pull it off. Taupe looks like you have yellow fungus, summer brights feel dated and it's just to early to wear dark plums, in comes the perfect grey OPI number: just like a nude with an edge. I saw it at a salon and fell in love. Now me and my Mumbai friend are inseparable (literally).

P.S. Tuesday is such an orphaned day, better than Monday but not really half way like Wednesday. I like Tuesday because whatever diet/exercise/work resolution I come up with for the week, on Tuesday it all still seems possible and achievable.

So happy Tuesday! :)

Outfit: all H&M, shoes Nine West, bag PS, watch Rolex


  1. Love the whole colour palette of tonal whites.

  2. Awesome shirt lovely post I like your style x

  3. oo I really like that long shirt. The length and the cut-out really adds interest to the piece. I totally understand the issue with the weather, I live in Melbourne and it has the most erratic daily weather conditions I've ever experienced. It adds some difficulty to daily dressing choice making.


  4. love all the layering & of course, love H&M! it's impossible for me not to walk out of there with nothing in hand.
    those shorts look very cool and I'm a big fan of mixing grey knit with leather bottoms~ they make a fab combo. that sleeveless button-up looks great on you! almost bought it...but they only had an 8... :(
    fall fashion doesn't start up over here until about October, but looking forward to a sneak-peek on fall looks via your blog :D
    xoxo Diana

  5. love this look! fab mixing and matching of these androgynous pieces, yet you still manage to look feminine and stylish.

  6. This look is like a dangling carrot (oh veggie reference again!) in front of me. Something I cannot achieve until November. But I love this.. seriously.


  7. Very awesome outfit. VERY Alexander Wangesque. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following! (could you try following again though. Google didn't register you) grrr... I'm following you now!


  8. Love this look so much. Totally effortless and chic. xx

  9. Love love love! I want that shirt, totally love this look on you, super simple and chic xx

  10. This is the perfect transition outfit x


  11. haha hilarious, i have everything you are wearing in your post (except your shoes, and i have that bag in a different colour). we might as well just share closets from now on, that would cut down my clothing spending by, what, 50%?! x

  12. that's really simple but so great! i love it!

  13. I love how tangible you come off -- no false pretenses or rubbish.