Summer vs Summer

Happy Monday!

This Friday night we did another blogger meet up. I really like where the Hong Kong fashion/blogging scene is moving, there is a palpable excitement, energy, creativity. You really feel this buzz when you speak to people: projects, meet ups, shoots, openings, there is always something happening. It's really amazing to be able to be part of this change and to be getting to know all these fun creative girls and boys. 

Something really exciting happened this weekend, my best friend finally re-started her blog. She has an incredible and vibrant sense of style so make sure to check it out for some daily inspiration: Les couleurs du jardin secret.

After the blogger meet up I actually went camping to a stunning white beach in the new territories which almost made me feel like I was back in Portugal. 

So I was laying on the beach and thinking about what summer means to us depending on where we live. 

In London we moaned through winter month, come April we were graced with a few days, or if we were very lucky, weeks of sun and then May would rain all month, but July and August would  hopefully be sunny. Although more times than not we would suddenly get rain just on the weekend. 

Every sunny day of the British summer was therefore really special. Skirts got shorter, days much longer, parks greener, people got smilier, it's like the whole world would change, it would just seem a better place. Summer was about lazy days in the park with friends, doing picnics, it was about sitting in bars and pubs in Notting Hill with a glass of rose, or getting jugs of Pimms in Henry J Beans, it was about driving around the city with the windows down and the music really loud singing along to your favourite songs. Summer was about ice creams in the park, fresh locally grown strawberries, it was about the Chelsea Farmers Market, and walking down South Bank with your friends watching the beautiful sunset, it was about galleries and museums that would be open later especially for summer, it was about amazing concerts in the park, it was about shorts and wellies. It was about smiles and friends, travel and barbecues, suntan and weekend trips, it was all about happy days!

Then quicker than you knew it days would get colder and shorter, outdoor barbecues would finish with all the guests wrapped in blankets, ice cream would lose it's appeal after one too many cones, it would be time again to get out your autumn clothes, layers, cardigans and jackets. Summer would disappear leaving warm fuzzy memories and a few funny tan marks that would fade far too quickly.

Hong Kong summer is the opposite as it gets to July temperatures start to sore and humidity hits 100%. People become annoyed by the heat, walking to places become a sweaty battle and any make up or even moisturiser are best avoided as they may melt before you know it. Air-conditioning is turned up to the max (and here that means 15 degrees), and aside from the few sun-junkie expats most people prefer to spend time in doors sitting under aircon. The smart ones leave Hong Kong completely for a week or two, or three.

We don't look forward to summer here as we did in Europe instead we look forward to Autumn.  Our summer starts in September the heat starts letting go of it's evil heavy grips, nights get cooler and the humidity subsides, the days become more and more blissfully spring like. We start the season of outdoor barbecues, boat trips and hiking and the endless sun. Summer here is longer so feels tiny bit less precious  than the short British summer but then I am definitely not complaining.

I am wearing a dress I found in a local market in Kowloon for 100hkd (10eur). The clothes markets in Hong Kong really make you wonder how the luxury brands charge 1,000eur for a grey jumper, hail to the amazing power of the brands! Hat Panama from Ecuador, shoes Bimba & Lola, sunglasses Prism. I am really into mixing and matching bikins at the moment I think it makes things more fun, so the bikini top is ZARA, bottoms Women's Secret.

P.S. My husband finds my desire to take photos all the time self indulgent and silly so as a result I always have this constipated uncomfortable look :) on most of the photos he takes of me. So if anyone knows a nice photographer please send him my way.


  1. Dudes, yay:) you're amazing! The writing is exquisite and the pictures are delicious. Love your dress!

  2. lol had missed the Ps part! so funny!

  3. i absolutely love this post and everything you said about summers in london vs. hong kong...

  4. Great pictures!Love your look!

  5. that weather sounds intense, both of them.
    the way you describe summer makes it sound so precious...
    love the contrasting patterns of your bikini by the way. They go so well together!
    do your thang, no worries about what the hub says.
    xoxo Diana

  6. what markets in Hong Kong do you recommend for nice, cheap clothes?
    love your style by the way! x

  7. Great beach look!!

    Fashion Cat

  8. thanks for the lovely comment, come back anytime to my blog http://mwanwan.blogspot.com, follow me if u like
    love from Hong Kong

  9. Thanks :) Jealous of your tan!

  10. Hmph the photographer can be a she!!!!


  11. I swear every time i go to your blog it makes me want to travel so badly!

    Not sure when I'll be able to make it to HK (hoping work sends me) but when I do I'll be needing a tour guide and definitely a blogger collaboration :)

    Heidy x