That Summer dress

This Thursday, I had the great pleasure to attend a party that celebrated a new spin on the classic white T-shirt produced in HK. Colonial Goods collaborated with Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) and the Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory to produce these amazing old school classics, for more details on the actual event check out the post by the very charming and cool JJ from the wanderlister. The beautiful photos for the campaign were shot by the incredibly talented Carmen Chan. The party was like a big HK blogger gathering and felt a bit like a university reunion. I also finally got to meet super cute Geneva from apair-andaspare  and Carolyn from hey+pretty+thing who came along with a best blogger accessory, her own photographer boyfriend! Anyways I will post the event photos next week as I still have a backlog of Portugal photos.

So back to holiday times, somehow they feel so far away already.

Every summer I look for a perfect summer dress. It does not have to be expensive, it can be any colour, but it has to be easy, flattering, never too tight and have something unique about it. It must work with flats and heels, and preferably have something a little Grecian or floaty about it. 

I found the dress of this summer in H&M just before my trip to Sri Lanka, it was hanging in the corner of the store looking like a smiley carrot. I tried it on right there over my jeans (hate queueing for changing rooms) and it was love at first sight. I could see it paired up with flat gold sandals for that post beach - holiday look. Tight around the waist and loose around the bottom, it had great  potential for both dancing and lounging around.

As for Portugal, after spinning around in the garden in front of the camera (as you do) we headed out to a dinner at a friends' house. The friends were Indian and made the most incredible home made Indian food I have ever had: chickpeas, steamed salmon, lentils, mango salad, curried summer potatoes, cucumber yogurt salad - light and summary, yet full of spice. Heaven on a plate! 

P.S. The best thing about this dress is that the cut is perfect for hiding all the holiday dinner excesses! I think I definitely got every penny worth out of this one.

It's the weekend! Yay! Finally! Hope you have a good one :)


  1. wow! What a dress!...flowy shape, bold color, open back detail plus simple ponytail for that effortless feel...just amazing!

  2. you look so pretty in this dress!love it:)La Folie 

  3. laughing at the 'smiley carrot' part. I can picture you saying that.

    See you tonight ;)


  4. absolutely beautiful dress & color on you!!
    love all the recent posts on your summer travels!
    photos are lovely per usual :D
    (oh my...I'm so behind on posts...)
    xoxo Diana

  5. haha yesss he is the best blogger accessory ;) you gotta make your hubby fall in love with photography! anyway, love this dress on you. the color is so gorgeous!!

  6. The colour looks great on you.

  7. Honestly, you can where whatever and still look stunning. I'm actually surprised that your blog isn't more popular -- I suppose in time, right? You have all of the right elements: a cohesive style and incredible natural beauty.