Thinking of Fashion but looking for Style: full moon rambles

I am not sure whether it's full moon, holiday hangover or the result of HK heat, but I have been feeling very restless since my trip to Europe and have been having crazy mood swings. One day I am tired, sleepy and bored, the next I am full of nervous energy, thinking of 10 things at a time, dreaming and smiling. I wish I could find peace in my mind, a balance between laziness and excitement.

Listening to Villa Nah Running On on repeat, wish I could have a job as a travel journalist, as I think I am very allergic to any sort of routine.

Looking at the remaining Portugal photos and at the same surfing all these blogs. Do clothes define us or do we define our clothes? What is the difference between fashion and style?

Garance Dore, Sartorialist, Facehunter - their brilliant daily photos of usually "unknown" people excite us, they provide us with an insight into someone else's life, the subjects in the photos intrigue us with their character, they make us dream, they allow us to live vicariously and give endless inspiration.

Are they fashionable or stylish? When does fashion become style?

I think it's when clothes stop wearing you. When the clothes really become you, when they start to enhance and project your personality, instead of overpowering it. Sometimes I meet people and all I notice is their clothes: the bag, the dress, the girl behind it all is lost, but she is definitely fashionable, and she is wearing the latest trends well. Another time you meet a person whose personality just shines through: the way she ties her scarf, the way she throws on her jacket - she doesn't need to wear the latest trend, you will remember her regardless.

As Sam from Sam is Home, mentioned in recent post a wardrobe classic is when a friend mentions that  "something is so you". I think that's what style is. When things become you in a non-chalant, easy and unforced way.

P.S. My best friend Samia has that, she has an inert style, a je ne sais quoi, an ability to make things her own, to be unique. I hope that I can be half as stylish as her. She used to have a blog, but has given up on it, I really hope she starts writing again!

Wearing a D&G top, Zara shorts, Massimo Dutti belt, Zara sandals, borrowed Ray Bans, Massimo Dutti belt, Bimba & Lola bag and bracelet. Special thank you to my husbands' little brother who kindly helped me take my blogging photos in Portugal. It was upon his suggestion that I donned the Miami Vice "laying by the pool" look :)


  1. i so agree about style, sometimes the clothes look like they're wearing the person and it's trying too hard. i think a natural personal style is the best.. anyway, hope you are doing well love and finding that perfect balance between peace and excitable energy <3

  2. Love the pics we took... ;)

  3. The lace top is amazing!

    Fashion Cat

  4. gorgeous outfit and photos! love your top :)

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

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    love from Hong Kong

  6. I adore this post ! You are absolutely on par with the unfortunate girl whose clothes and accessories merely drown her. It so difficult to authenticate style when there is so much commercial influence. I see as too much searching to fit according to a particular visual lifestyle, as opposed to one of self-discovery.

    The Dolce and Gabbana top that you are wearing is such a natural fit for you! Imam counting the days until I can afford such luxiourois things without the looming of student debt...

    Thank you so much for your comments :) They truly warm my heart . Does Hong Kong permit Facebook?

  7. for me style is a way you wear your D&G top, relaxed and nonchalant paired with jeans cut offs..nothing screams brand's name..

  8. Tania...encantada de estar conectadas, lejos de pais pero cerca en estilo, gracias por tus palabras, tu tambien eres una gran inspiracion....te deseo lo mejor en este mundo de creaciones y locuras......besos princesa!!