AntsBots and Ziggy Stardust

Last night I was sitting on the terrace on the 27th floor in my flat, watching the sunset contemplating life. It's incredible how many people you can fit into a square mile. Next to me is a skyscraper, opposite are another 5: people are watching TVs, making dinner, hosting barbecues, nursing their hangovers (yesterday was a public holiday), some are playing with kids, others maybe even blogging. We are like a hundred of ants all boxed up into these cement towers. Minding our own business, loving, living. The modern society is such a complex ants nest, a seemingly perfect mechanism, where human antbots live in their little bubbles of happiness and sadness.

So yesterday was a public holiday, don't you love those? They creep up on you out of nowhere shortening the week, brightening things up. I had a little brunch at mine with Sam and Sybil to discuss a really fun fashion project I cannot wait to tell you all about next week. For the food I choose something simple: raisin and apricot bread with ricotta and honey for the sweet tooth and dark brown sunflower seeds loaf with mozzarella and avocado, for the savoury. I had both of course :).

Afterwards I headed to the beach with hubster and my two sausages, armed with Wallpaper magazine, Wired and FT weekend arts & life section (I have been following NYFW and now PFW so much my brain needed a quick fashion news detox :)

I bought this silver Ziggy Stardust number in H&M few weeks ago.  It reminds me of futuristic chain mail, like a warrior's robe from the 80's and it is just that perfect cropped lenght. I put it on for the photos and almost died of heat, I think people on the beach thought I was a crazy lady, to be wearing a jumper in 30 degrees. Should have told them I am just a fashion blogger who misses the cold :) Skirt Zara, glasses Raybans.

Happy Mid-Week! I think we should really try and lobby a 4 day week, the world would be a much better place if we spent less time in the office! 


  1. Wow I really love that skirt. Like your reflection.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. yay! it's layering season!! love the sweater + maxi

  3. You are right, we would be so much better if we'd spent less time at the office. I know I would! Love this metallic jumper ...I wanted to buy it a month or two ago but it was sold out. So lucky you ;)

  4. i contemplated getting that sweater! it's so cute!

  5. and i totally do the same people watching thing when i'm in tall buildings.. it makes me feel so finite and small, in a good way

  6. My goal in life is to able to work a four day week and enjoy life much more :)
    I love the colours in this outfit. The shiny from the jumper with the flow from skirt is so pretty.


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  8. Love it and adore the writing! you're the best dudles xx

  9. antbots! hahaha so trueee~
    despite j'you being crazy for wearing a jumper at the beach, it looks totally fabulousss! I am loving the silver knit texture and color + it looks great with the maxi skirt~ I'm anticipating for fall to start, but probably won't be for another month here...still pretty hottt up in this biznatch~

  10. Saw this jumper in H&M today and loved it! It looks great with that skirt. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to check out your entire blog and loved it. Because of that I nominated you for a blog award. Please check out my recent post when you get a chance.

    xoxo (hugs & kisses till next time)

  11. I love the sweater.. look good on you!

  12. my kind of outfit! love it! www.casualglamorous.com

  13. me encanto tu blog! te sigo en google y en bloglovin!! nos vemos en tu proximo post

  14. Spain, London, Hong Kong... you like water sports and hiking... we are soul mates!!!!! We have to meet! How can i contact you?!
    I've been eyeing that jumper too! So cute... You are lovely! xxx <3 Zoey @ Disco Pony & Make Shift Model

  15. I have the same sweater from H&M and it is my favorite! LOVE how it goes with everything and love that you paired it with that green skirt!


  16. That skirt is such a pretty colour!! Yes to a 4 day week!