Attempts at Wardrobe Rehab!

My wardrobe is a complete and utter mess. Don't get me wrong it's tidy and arranged by bottoms, tops, dresses, work stuff etc, but I probably wear 20% of it (maximum) and there are the naughty draws that store all those things "I might wear one day". Most of the things don't match and getting ready for work or for dinner always takes longer than it should. I am a hopeless compulsive & impulsive shopper and there is little structure to my buying patterns. To sum it up I need help.

My friend Geneva the DYI girl, has put together a brilliant in it's simplicity guide of how to fix your wardrobe.

Just a little problem, due to my attention span (very short) I skipped point 1, the cleaning up part. I found the whole idea so daunting, I  started procrastinating straight away and decided to skip to point 2.

I have been dying to update my style in workwear, as recently it has become too preppy/cute, while I like things more sharp, streamlined and edgy, yet elegant. Shopbop have really improved with their editorials creating a perfect lookbook of how I want my autumn workwear to look: the look is Taylor Tomassi Hill mixed with Sofia Coppola, tailored, sporty, boyish, a child of Philip Lim and Celine, with a new more refined take on color blocking (the most overused fashion term this summer). A grown up tomboy's take on elegant. Think Celine resort 2012 + ACNE + Philip Lim winter 2012.

So I tried to see what I have in my wardrobe that would work, out came my 8 year old Mango shorts (from the days when quality of fast fashion was still durable) and a  Zara top I bought few months ago, plus my new ASOS shoes. I am still trying to figure out what to do with those rope laces. To finish it up my trusty YSL bag, that needs a clean from over wearing it the last two winters. 

P.S. I felt this whole posing thing was getting too serious so included my accessory de jour my leather piggy. Much cuter than any designer bag. 

Next post step 5, choosing the colours, as for step 1, I am trying to clear a naughty draw at a time. Surely but slowly I'll get there. Although knowing myself I will skip to point 6 before I know it, cluttering

Inspirations from Shopbop lookbook.


  1. Love it! I can relate to every single part of what you're saying! The "ooh, I'll keep this just incase one day I feel like wearing it" and it stays there for years untouched. Love the outfit, super simple, neat and super chic.<3

  2. I'm in love with the lil'pig! And you look gorgeous like everytime :-)
    Great outfit...

  3. those shoes are gorgeous! i like the cord ties. i so need to do this purge with my closet too..

  4. cutie pie piggie!
    the outfit looks fantastic. simple lines with interesting and feminine details~ and the shoes are fab.
    i here ya about organizing the wardrobe...I have so many clothes and yet still feel like I have good reason to buy more.

  5. This reminds me that I need to clear out my wardrobe too. Unfortunately due to the fact that I'm renting a place with no wardrobe and it is all currently DIY Ikea, this may prove to be unsuccessful. sigh.

    Good on you for taking the first step :)
    Also... PIGGY!! ^_^


  6. my wardrobe desperately needs rehab too...i kept postponing but it's inevitable now as we're moving to a new place :D

    i overdid my last clearance tho...regretting some precious thrifted items I threw out :(

  7. Love everything about your outfit! I've been trying wardrobe rehab too and while it's not going too bad, I keep buying new things that I prefer to wear over the old (but still perfectly fine) things in my wardrobe! :(

  8. Hahah my wardrobe is shocking and if it's not in the wardrobe it's all piled up on a stool :P

    Heidy x

    P.s I LOVE your shoes!

  9. Those shoes are awesome! love these styles!