A Guide to a Very Lazy Saturday in HK

Some weekends I like hiking, wake boarding and escaping from Hong Kong. Other weekends I just feel like being lazy staying in the city, sleeping in late and relaxing.

Below is my quick guide to a lazy city weekend!

1. Sleep in very late. This one is a must!

2. Take ages to leave the house: have a long shower or a bath, test out that scrub and face mask, maybe organize that jewelry draw.

3. Choose a brunch place where you can sit around for ages, with great food and a perfect menu for sweet and salty cravings. I love Cafe Causette, Press Room and Oolaa, Brunch club is also a good option.

4. Call your friends, boyfriend or bring your hubster. Anyone you can just chill with, read magazines and newspapers and talk about all and nothing.

5. Share a dessert. Oolaa's carrot cake or Press room plum tart are my favourites.

6. Do not make any plans during the day, unless it's dinner plans, having plans means deadlines + time management, the goal is to be lazy.

7. Take your camera and stroll around the Sheung Wan area to the left of Square Street or Wanchai around Star street.

Sheung Wan has quirky little stores, up and coming design agencies and art galleries. It's gritty, original, full of low rises and a prefect mix of the old and new Hong Kong. Stop by the Austrian cafe loisl for apfelschtrudel and a perfect cappuccino, and in the evening drop by 208 for a glass of wine and some pizza.

Star street is a design destination in it's own right. From the concept store Kapok, to the Monacle store, the area is full of design and fashion stores, both local and international. I love browsing through the furniture stores like OVO and B&B Italia. For an afternoon tea, head the the chez Patrick deli, they have a secret outdoor terrace that makes you feel you are sitting somewhere in Barcelona. Kapok cafe is also super cute, they have a great tea selection and have just placed some amazing dry hay stacks outside the shop.

The smell of dry grass transported me for a brief second to the Spanish countryside in late summer. (I closed my eyes and I could almost feel the warm air of a late summer evening, hear the cicadas, smell the dried grass). Back to reality! Wei!!!! You are in Hong Kong!

8. If it's not too hot head home through the Hong Kong park. I love the contrast of the quiet park, tropical trees and plants, the water features and the modern shiny towers of Cheung Kong and Bank of China. At twilight the towers take this beautiful pinky blue tint and look as if they are floating.

Outfit: I call this my lazy day look. Loose Zara shorts, a perfect weekend white shirt + comfy sandals (Bimba & Lola). Gold collar from H&M (my new obsession), ring Aldo, bracelets Uterque, Hermes, and something French but I forgot the name. Glasses Prism


  1. HK is definitely on my "Must visit" list! Hope it will happen very soon! xoxo

  2. Sounds like my ideal lazy weekend.
    I love hiking, I gotta try it in HK.

  3. HAHA love a girl who knows how to be fabulously lazy from time to time! I esp. agree with no.2, 3 + 6. LOve your Zara shorts and your gold collar. And thanx you for liking my fan page too hunny! xoxox

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  4. Shirt and shorts - comfy and chic ;)
    I love that ring and the colour of the bag! I've been looking got a slouch leather messenger, harder to find that I anticipated.


  5. I know whom I am going to call if I ever visit HK! Great combination for laid back day!

  6. You are gorgeous! I love those shorts, so adorable. Such a relaxed but chic look :)

  7. <3 your top :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  8. Estas preciosa Tania, me encanta el collar, y soy una enamorada de las camisas blancas...beso gordo..Pati

  9. Your pictures are always beautiful you are gorgeous :-)

    I follow you

    xoxo Inès (ps check my new blog)

  10. Really love this great bleu short, the bag and the necklace are my favorite pieces of the outfit


    Bisous n' Peace from France

  11. I definitely agree with no.2, 3 and 4! Like always: great outfit and beautiful girl :-)
    xoxo - ron

  12. Gorgeous, love absolutely everything! xx

  13. Thank you Tania! for your lovely comment in my blog and your voting really means a lot to me! Thank you so much!

    Indeed, I do visit your blog very often, I like to read what you wrote, and I really enjoy all your pictures, they are full of life/fun/culture and full of peace and happiness. Sorry that I was so lazy and haven't left comment often.

    But, much loves!!!

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  15. love ur lazy city weekend guide! i will definitely check out some of those places when i visit hong kong in january!